Sometimes, It seems that people don’t fully understand the meaning of phrases “custom design” or “custom website design”. You may have seen all those company “unique” websites which appear to have their “unique” problems. To learn more details about what custom website design is, read this article.

We need the truth to be said. Bright colors, beautiful pictures and high web design prices are not the signs of custom website design yet! Oftentimes we see plain websites created with the help of WordPress web design services. Honestly, we don’t have much time to discuss whether or not it is real web development.

This article should be helpful for you and the developers you probably work with. This article reviews and is supposed to clarify the principles of  custom web design to make sure that you and your website developer understand each other and you both see the same final target you are going to.


It is doesn’t matter whether you run a small business, a local firm or an agency or even a big company. You want web design and, probably, branding services that incorporate your points, interests and goals into fascinating graphics that people can see on their laptops, PCs, tablets and phones. This is a simple description of what custom web design is. Design should be a tool for your business’s website to help reflect your business at large. Designers can take into consideration the company’s location in the city or its ecommerce capabilities to incorporate into it. It will make visitors browsing your page feel as they are supposed to according to your business intentions. If we fuse art and science together we will get professional web design. It is the thing you can hardly bring to action right off, even if you read how-to articles on the Internet. Only a professional web designer knows all of the nuances and can make a better web design  that is comfortable for users to browse. At the very top of designer’s work there is analysis of what trends are now in particular industry, who target audiences is. So in this case, buttons, icons, pictures, video, etc are also thoughtfully placed. No chance you will get a custom website if the whole process took less than a day.

Nothing stands still, quality web design too. Now you can’t call a creative logo of 80’s an up-to-date one. At this point companies want to refresh their logos. They do it every couple years or so. It remind us of what happened in September 2015 when one famous web search engine was both criticized and lauded after changing its logo. Yes, that was Google. And now we treat it as the most appropriate logo with its minimalism and soft edges. They just adapted it according to a change in modern design trends they had foreseen. You need to prevent your business from becoming stale. Nothing can show skills of  good web designers better than their works. The works show if they are knowledgeable. WordPress web design services using templates can’t cover the features you need most. For instance, a pizzeria we worked with had a website with online menu on it. At the first steps of web development process, it turned out that there was no medium sized pizza in their online menu, although the restaurant offered it. And the reason for this was that WordPress website services didn’t have the option to add more than two sizes. Only regular customers knew that they offer such option and it lasted for two years.

One can say that it is a negligible trifle but you can’t neglect this part of your business because your website is inadequate. Slacking in the restaurant, providing outdated menus, neglecting repairs are not what you want. Would you like to have the website that does not correspond to your business goals? Template website services can’t provide a higher rank in search listing for their websites, if speaking of seo, just because google is not able to recognize their onliness. The work of google search environment is quite simple. Google services are to provide a fair and accurate search for all users and the best search results. The less websites have in common the easier to differentiate them for Google’s algorithms when ranking websites in search listing. The location of your business is also important. Your unique page will do much to help find your firm rejecting others of the same league in Philadelphia. It is important both how it is coded and designed. It is the best way to illustrate the advantage of custom web design services over template design services. This advantage help get the best search results on search engines.

Let’s take another example of our client to think over. Two law firms working in the same field started to work under one name after the merge. Each had a website of their own and they decided to merge them too and that makes sense. Everything would be fine if it wasn’t for the means that they used for merging. What they did is simply called “copy-paste”. They took all of the information from one website that was supposed to be shut down soon and added it on another, the active one. It was considered and marked by Google right a copy-cat of the soon-to-be-shut-down website. After that, even using their computers with site cache and all they couldn’t find their website. We spent several weeks on fixing that problem because Google’s protection system takes it as intentional copying even if it is not. So the more original your page is, the higher it is in a search listing. Younger people use mobile phones more often and you definitely need to place emphasis on responsive mobile version if they are your target audience. If your target audience is senior age group, the desktop version will be your choice. These are some simple ways to promote your site high on top.


It is simple to differentiate a custom site from a template one, of course,  if you know how. custom web design service should correspond to the next characteristics:

  • Designers has drawn website from the ground up.
  • The website is completely original.
  • It was not designed on template basis.

We know that it is not precise formula of a custom website design. Yet the qualities mentioned above can be taken as basis of custom website design scheme in web designer’s world. If you are not sure whether a website is custom or not, asking for professional help to analyze it is the best thing to do.


You may have read articles on how it is old to use custom web design if we have template sites. Many template companies promote this idea via bloggers to reach their business goals. They assure that their solution is better and cheaper but we in the sphere of web design and web development services know that is not quite true. But still it is interesting how they challenge custom web design services and pricing. They characterize it as an expensive and ordinary website providing nothing unique. However, we can say that it is one-sided point of you.

Template services as WordPress and WIX wouldn’t be appropriate for all clients and their needs and it can be considered as dipping a toe in the water. Their pricing is more budget-friendly but they won’t promote your site high on top. Custom web design services provide all benefits that can be offered by the Internet. The main point is custom web design is irreplaceable. The reason is people themselves. We like unique things. That’s why successful businesses do their best to stand out. The more you are unique, the higher you are on top.


Companies, firm and agencies associated with art, advertising and creative area The website is the face of such companies. A beautiful web design is a sign of their professionalism.
Financial organisations, law firm. etc. Unlike websites made with a template builder, original layout of website design shows that you have financial resources and it will help to attract new clients who seek for financial advice.
Any highly competitive markets Custom web design and branding services can help you set apart from the rest similar competitions to attract new future clients.
Cleaning service and other service business Your website should represent your services as unique and different. There are many firms provide such services and custom website is a way to represent and display your services better than others.
Something special and exceptional If you are a custom car accessories seller  you definitely need custom website. The more unique your business is, the more “custom” your website should be.


A web page for your cat This kind of site is supposed to be cheap and just for fun.
A site for your birthday The great solution for the site like this is template services because it is easy and fast to use.
Any temporary websites If you organize an annual local basketball tournament it is the best idea to use a template website. So you could see the results afterwards and decide if you need custom website or not.
Blogging Blogging is very popular today and if you decide to build a website so wordpress or wix is good decision for you. It takes little time and money but works fast and cover all your needs.
Start-up As the first step of start-up template are good while you are tuning up and analyzing your project. Only when you are on the step of reaching investors for funding you need custom website to avoid software problems and bugs.


We recommend to ask highly professional and experienced web developers to design a custom website for you, especially if it is eCommerce website, to avoid the bad results such as limited functionality, the longer waiting time. Because you can’t get the best web development services from an inexperienced web developer. For example, our company Direct Line Development from Philadelphia offers fully-functional custom website in a month or month and a half, promptly that meets all clients demands.

The good custom sites are  not only about its quality and time of delivery. We observe all the steps of website building process in another article. What  do this process bring about? It is simply interworking between client and developer. As well as building you the site you visualize in your mind, the web development company should be present at all the steps you are going through. Professional company will help this process go smoothly. Sometimes you can be slightly embarrassed during the process and it is normal. The abnormal thing is that your web development company you work with can’t clarify the situation for you, it is a wakeup call. One thing which is true, professional custom sites is high-priced. But if it is considered as investment, sum up all pros and cons and your goals would justify the means.


Let’s imagine that you were brought to buy a car. It was at low price. It was shiny and looking great but it didn’t have enough options you wanted. Consider custom web design service as an expensive car. Your business is unique. And your clients should see it on your website. We at Direct Line Development are team of professionals that provides web development service for all businesses. Call us and we detail all you should know about custom web design services and answer your questions.