Everyone likes an easy way out of everything. You have to admit, that given the chance, you would choose to work smart rather than work hard if you are assured of achieving the same results. By the same logic, when you glance at an article without an image attached to it, it is highly likely that you will not read it as fast and with the same interest as you would an article that has images attached to it.

That’s because it’s easier to digest content that has images. You are going to get a rough idea of what the article is about  just by taking a look at an image. This can help you decide if the content is even worth reading.

No one likes monotony. It makes things boring. When you decide as a blogger you will write in text without incorporating images, you are likely to bore your readers and therefore no one will be interested in reading your blog. One way of breaking monotony is using images as breakpoints in your articles.

Things you need to know before incorporating images  for your blog

  • Go for images that are clear. When you decide to include images in your text, ensure that they are of high quality. High-quality images mean they are clear and they will catch an eye without much effort. The human mind has a way of concluding things, if you have an image of poor quality, we would end up thinking your post is also of poor quality.
  • Understand the legal terms that accompany an image. Not all images online are free to use, you might have to pay to use them. In other instances, sites that provide free images will sometimes need you acknowledge and give credit to them or photographer involved.
  • This is a great way of bringing traffic to your page. When you pick an image to use for your blog, ensure you add SEO metadata you should also add Alt text to ensure you have traffic in your blog. Using an image that is unique means that one can click on it and they are automatically directed to your content.
  • It is important to note that you have to stick to a number that looks sensible in your blog post. You must, therefore, know for what purpose you are incorporating your image for. This will help you determine whether you need to use one as the main image, or several as text breakers. Ensure that you also do not use too many images that will make the post look overcrowded.
  • Make sure the size of your image is cut to fit the text. This will ensure your post looks neat.

In conclusion, it is important to incorporate images into your blog posts so as to attract readers and to direct traffic to your blog. Make sure to follow the tips above and look out for things that you should consider before settling for a site to pick your images from.