In today’s world everybody is creating a website, whether the websites which they are creating are blogs, or the websites are a personal website for their small business, that fact still remains that all around us there are people busy creating websites.

This is both a good and a bad thing.

The Good

One of the best things about people deciding to make use of the whole website craze is that they are now creating an additional network for the webmaster to make use of backlinks and other linking tactics to help increase their websites standings within the Google search engine.

The other good thing to see is that there are so many people who want to make a difference whether it be from telling their stories through blogging or updating their company’s websites so that they have a better chance at getting work because their company now looks professional from an online point of view.

The Bad

The biggest negative aspect to the massive amounts of websites being created at what almost seems like seconds is that the search index slowly will begin to become overpopulated, making it extremely hard for many people to actually get a good ranking within the Google search index results.

What options are there?

The most obvious option would be to make use of any SEO method or tactic which is designed to make sure that the website which you are currently working on increases in its search engine rankings, however, everybody else will be focusing on the aspect so let’s focus on another aspect of SEO but one that not many people chooses to focus on, and that is the design of a website.

Good Design

Before you take a look at SEO Pricing, you might want to make sure that your website’s design is in the top percentile in the world.

Having a good website design is crucial for the websites survival as the better the site looks the longer that people are going to spend on your site which is where you can start to increase your rankings and revenue from advertising services such as AdSense and AdWords.

What makes a good design?

The first step to making sure that you have a good design, what I mean by this the design of your website will have to follow the following criteria;

  • Easy to navigate
  • Looks simple
  • Is 100% unique and original

The key factors of a good website design, orientate around personality and the user, if your users can’t make use of your website then you won’t do very well, and any other SEO methods which you might want to implement later will fail due to the site not being able to keep any of its visitors on the site long enough for the SEO tactics to work

The other aspect is you need to make sure that your site and everything on it is 100% unique and personal to you, meaning that when readers view your website they get a feeling of being able to connect to your site on a personal level.