To bill clients for products or services, web designers require creative invoicing systems. As a web designer, you can use Google Docs to create and customize invoices for free. You can do that either by using a professional Google Docs invoice template or by designing a new one from scratch.

With the help of Google Docs, web designers can design invoices that suits their requirements. They can also save their exclusively designed invoice to access them from any device, anytime.

Here’s how you can design the best google doc invoice template in no time:

1. Sign Up 0r Sign in To Your Google Account

You have to log in to your Google Docs account before you start working on the invoice templates. Remember: you can log in to google docs simply by using your Google account or Gmail account details. So, if you don’t have a Google account, create one by signing up. On the other hand, if you already have a Google account, enter your details and sign in. 

2. Go To the Template Library

As soon as you log in, you will see your Google Docs account homepage. The Template Gallery, located at the top of the page, has generic templates. In this section, you will find templates for every type of document. To filter and find desired templates, use the search bar above. To search, type “invoice” and press enter.

Look through the various invoice templates to select one that has the invoicing information you require as well as a design that matches your brand’s identity. Click on the template to see its full version. Download and save the selected invoice template in your Drive so that you could access it from any device, anytime. Before you download, click the Title box in the upper left-hand corner of the document to rename your template invoice. Once you renamed it, save the template to your Drive by pressing enter.

3. Create and Edit New Invoice

Whenever you want to create a new invoice for your clients, first of all, open the blank invoice template. Now, click on the File and create a copy from the Menu. After you’ve produced a duplicate of the blank invoice template, edit the basic sections according to your services or products. Make sure to include the below-given details on every invoice:

  • Logo: if you have one, include it here.
  • Contact information for your company
  • Contact information for your client
  • An invoice number that is unique
  • List of your products or services, 
  • Number of hours you worked 
  • Pay rate
  • Tax
  • Subtotal 
  • The deadline for payment
  • Details of your late charge policy
  • Payment Methods

4. Send Invoice to Your Client

In the upper right-hand corner of the Doc, you will see the blue “Share” icon. Click on this icon, enter your client’s email address, compose a short, courteous note, and send.