When someone decides to start a website, it is one of two things: for blogging or business. Often these two things overlap, especially since a popular marketing strategy used by companies nowadays is hiring bloggers with a huge following to promote their products. Moreover, there are business websites who have started blogging about their own products to keep their website relevant.

But what if you are a new blogger who wants to run a successful website, monetise it, and sell merchandise through it? The good news is you do not need to have the technical knowledge to start reaping the rewards of online business, at least, not in your website’s first stages. However, a lot of the basic techniques you need to know when starting a website can still be a bit overwhelming for a first timer.

So here is a rundown of the most basic tips you need to know when starting a website and an online store.

Develop a strong brand identity 

Even as a blogger, you should be able to create a strong online identity that will help identify you and your voice out of thousands of websites out there. You might think that it is impossible to do since there are a lot of bloggers who are churning out the same kind of content as you. But never underestimate online users’ propensity to look at how the content is produced, its quality, and its relevance.

The first step to ensuring your identity remains unique is through your domain name. You need to make sure that it is simple enough to be easily remembered, but not too common enough that it will be forgettable. One way to do this is to do a WHOIS search and see if there are website out there that have the same chosen domain name as yours. In the event that there is someone else who owns your preferred domain name, the WHOIS search will help you contact the domain owner and give you the chance to negotiate with them.

Focus on producing content first

When you have a lot of good ideas on how to sell products or use ads to monetise your website, there is a temptation to start doing all of these things at once. That’s a bad idea: if you are starting out as a blogger, just focus on producing good content. This builds your credibility and shows people that what you have to say is not only relevant, but it can also be trusted. While you are doing this, learn what SEO is and how it can help you boost your ranking on search engines. There are a lot of keyword research tools that you can use so that you can target search words people have been using and make sure you are among the results.

Making money with advertising

Once there is decent website traffic, most bloggers would allow ads on their website. This is completely fine, allowing ads to run on your website is passive income. A popular go-to ad setup is Google Adsense. Just sign up on the website, then once approved, you can choose the ads you want on your site. But there are other alternatives to Google Adsense like Infolinks and Media.net.

Selling your own merchandise

Another route most bloggers are taking right now is selling merchandise, whether it is their own or they are retailing for other brands. Just like with advertising, only start selling products once you have established a good online standing. Not only will this make it easier for you to sell the products to a big audience, but the assumption is that through your content, you were able to slowly introduce the idea of selling items to your audience. So there is anticipation for your shop, which will help build hype.

If you look at online vloggers and bloggers who have started making money through their website, you will observe that this is the path they all followed: unique brand identity, producing awesome content, invite ads, then sell merchandise. If done correctly, you will also be among those who are producing significant income through your website.