If the website of a law firm is not found when people use related practice keywords, new leads are not obtained. The website needs traffic or it serves absolutely no purpose. Many law firms are under the false impression that not much work is needed but the truth is that there are many things you have to consider. Noll Law Office shares some of the important things below.

Always Have Good Content On The Website

The driving factor behind search engine results is always really good, unique content. The content that makes a true contribution is the one that has to be considered. You can add content like FAQs, audio podcasts, videos, articles and all media elements reflecting the voice of the law practice. Time needs to be found to create the best possible content. Also, themed content has to be frequently added.

Always Have A Blog

Every single law firm website that wants to get traffic from search engines needs a blog. Obviously, you want to blog in the law practice area. The more specific you get, the better! The blog needs to be integrated within the website. This means that you only develop a brand as opposed to two. Regularly post articles on the blog. Generally, you have to do this 2 to 3 times per week. The common practice is to use WordPress for the blog.

Have A Clear And Effective Navigation

Navigation schemes are really important for a law firm. There are many that try to re-invent navigation and come up with different new, modern things simply because of appearance. This is not something that you should do. The aim here is fast loading and functionality. The website has to be well-designed but if navigation is not proper, the visitors cannot actually find the content they want. Generally speaking, you always need:

  • A home button present on all pages.
  • Standardized colors for links.
  • Links placed in a left hand column when important.
  • A footer that has complete contact information present on all pages.

Call To Actions

At the end of the day, the goal with the website is to get new clients. This is why you need to have CTAs present on absolutely all pages. It is common practice to highlight detailed contact options in the header, preferably in the upper right corner. Also, at the end of all pages you want to have personalized CTAs that are related to the content that the visitor sees.

Don’t Forget About Social Media

The last thing that should be mentioned is the website design for the law firm needs to take into account social media. This is a great source of new referrals so you have to be sure that absolutely all pages will look great when shared on any network. Particular attention has to be put on the blog posts. These are the ones that will be more often shared.

On the whole, the perfect website design for a law firm is one that is professional but that does rely on high quality content.