In a nutshell, if you build your own WordPress website, you can save a lot of cash. Before you start getting excited about your anticipated savings, ask yourself if you know the first thing about creating a WordPress website from scratch. What do you know about cascading style sheets, also known as CSS, or PHP for that matter? In order to build a WordPress website, you are going to have to learn some coding language as well as how to operate a website behind the scenes. Lots of testing by way of trial and error is also going to have to be performed. The good news is that you can avoid paying website cost for maintenance by doing everything yourself. There are classes available online that you may take to learn how to code at a reasonable pace. You can also deconstruct existing WordPress websites to see how they work and learn how to create one with free tools.

Building Your Own WordPress Website Versus Paying to Have One Created

An organized but basic WordPress website with a clean theme might cost you somewhere around $50 if you purchase an author license. If you need to have the WordPress content management system software downloaded to your web hosting control panel, you will have to cough up more money for that too. Nice looking themes may not be that expensive, but if you ever intend on making changes to it you have to convert your author license into an extended license, which will be a lot more expensive. All in all, you can end up paying absolutely nothing if you opt to build your own website versus having recurring costs.

Avoiding WordPress Website Maintenance Fees

After a new WordPress website is put online, you still have to check it and add to it to have it maintained properly. Plugins and widgets regularly need to be updated and WordPress itself occasionally has updates that need to be downloaded. Hiring an outside person to do this might be costly if you have lots of content to add as well. The long story in short is that your website is going to need constant work, so it is better for you to learn how to login and perform key maintenance tasks. In all actuality, navigating the WordPress administrator page is simple, and it is very difficult to mess anything up permanently. If you can create a WordPress theme from scratch, then you are going to be really great at performing maintenance as well.

Fixing Your WordPress Website When Something Goes Wrong

WordPress is a user-friendly content management system that makes it possible for novices to create and manage their own websites, but it also requires users to be proactive. Every widget that you download has to be checked for compatibility because they aren’t guaranteed to work on all themes. If you were to make changes, didn’t keep track of everything that you did, and your WordPress website started to look strange, you’d either have to fix it or get an expert to troubleshoot the issue. For people who create their own WordPress websites, the only thing they’d have to spend to get to the root of the problem is time. Also most customer support of WordPress hosting provide basic support for many issues.

Improving Upon a Basic WordPress Website

If you don’t need a WordPress website with animated graphics, handmade buttons or a whole lot of content, you can theoretically make a very basic site in around a week. At first, this basic WordPress website can meet all of your needs. When you start memorizing CSS color codes and learn to change the color of your website’s text on the fly, you’ll feel more comfortable making other changes as well. You might want to change your homepage from being static to dynamic or add a WordPress powered blog on its own subdomain. Realize that if you paid someone else to make these upgrades to your website, you’d be paying a premium price. Doing it on your own will save you a lot of money on your WordPress website.

You might save $1,000 by building your own WordPress website or even $10,000 if you plan to create an ecommerce store. Over time, you will continue to save money on WordPress maintenance fees because you will be downloading patches, updates, and fixing troubleshooting issues yourself. There’s not a perfectly defined dollar amount that you will save if you opt to build your very own WordPress website, but it is safe to say that it can end up being a lot of money in the end.