Most people from around the world want to have a website but they do not actually have the technical knowledge that is needed to get things done correctly. The good news is that website builders appeared. They were designed to help those that lack the knowledge. The bad news is that there are so many on the market at the moment that few understand what has to be considered. In order to be sure that you are going to make a good decision for your future project, here are those website builders that automatically stand out.


XPRS is rather new on the market but is growing in popularity at a really large rate. That is mainly because of the increased level of customizability that it offers. XPRS comes to the table with the regular features that you would expect from a website builder but takes it one step further, implementing content blocks that are really easy to customize. Various themes can be used and modified based on personal wishes and needs. You have access to a highly intuitive menu and publishing your new site takes just seconds.


WIX is one of the most well-known website builders with various different monthly pricing options, a mobile editor and much more. You can use free custom domains and there is a free plan that is available with a .Wix subdomain in the event that you need it. The support offered is really good and you can use the platform to create business websites or blogs.


Squarespace has one of the best professional reviews, although it only covers around 2 million websites at the moment. The biggest advantage offered is design flexibility for the perfectly created themes. We have access to responsive themes that can be customized in minutes. The only problem is the lack of a mobile editor and the higher price tag for the business user. However, besides these, the services that are offered are really good.


Weebly has a number of websites powered that is higher than the entire competition, except Wix. Easiness of use is really high and although the number of themes available is a little lower than with the competition, the quality is as high as you expect it to be. Responsive themes are available and you can choose the free plan to get used to what Weebly has to offer.


Voog offers access to carefully designed website templates that can be suitable for many needs. Responsive features are included, of course, and you can modify the templates without having to use code or without having programming skills. The editor is really easy to use and many use the website builder to create blogs.


Consider all the website builders above because there are differences from one to the next. You will want to see what works best in your case. Also, in many cases you will want to use the theme that is offered and modify it. If you do not find what you need at one builder, it is a good idea to consider the next one too.