Web design trends keep changing. Modern business managers understand this and always adapt in order to always appear modern in the eyes of the current and potential customers. At the moment, we can highlight many interesting web design trends for businesses. However, we will focus on those that are best for small to medium-sized companies like Summit Gutter Systems as opposed to those that are highly recommended for large corporations.

Vivid Color Schemes

Designers can now use really vibrant colors in settings that are highly controlled. Google, in 2014, introduced Material Design. It was successful and now we see web designers adopting it more and more. The tamest part of this web design trend is the use of vibrant color schemes. Further experimentation is expected in regards to photo saturation, double exposure and gradients.

Rebellious Typography

This is mostly in regards to how header text is used. Standard test does have some established rules in regards to how legible it needs to be. These rules should always be followed. However, with header text you can go wilder and wilder. This is especially the case when looking at the home page.

During 2018 we already saw major industry changes. Header texts are more and more styled. You can see them bolded, oddly spaced, transparent, randomly placed and even strangely deformed. Only time can tell what other innovation will happen.


This can be controversial because of the fact that users are now used to a specific website structure. For instance, any site visitor expects to see:

  • A top navigation bar that makes it easy to locate pages and categories.
  • Scrolling down is needed to keep reading web content.
  • Colored, flat buttons are clicked in order to gain extra information.

Increased Used Of Video And Animation

Videos and animation are highly preferred by numerous modern web designers and use them in order to change design. However, this is different than what was seen in the past. For instance, in 2018 the use of scroll-triggered animations and demonstration videos is really high. In the future we can expect to see extra experimentation on how video is utilized. This is especially the case when referring to particle backgrounds, cinema graphs, animation thumbnail images and augmented reality.

Micro Interactions

Bold and big animation is not necessary. In fact, it is not at all recommended due to the fact that users do not really like these. Typefaces and colors are already much bolder than in the fast. They go over the traditional norms. Using too much animation hurts the overall experience but the exact opposite happens when looking at micro-interactions.

Animation is often used right now as sort of a reward for those users that actively engage. Movement is not always present. Slight touches aim to please and surprise visitors as they are engaging with some website elements that are less noticeable.

On the whole, it is really important that you are at least aware of the modern web design trends, like those mentioned above. This will help you to choose what you want to see on your site.