Your web design will become ineffective if you fail to maintain it and ensure that it is kept up to date. So, to ensure that your web design achieves its purpose, take a few minutes every week to complete the following important tasks.

Create Content

One of the best things that any business can do is to add brand new content weekly. As a matter of fact, research has found that businesses that boast a blog or create content enjoy a lot more traffic. At least try to share a brand new blog post once every week.

Look For New Backlinks

Apart from adding brand new content, try to keep tabs on all the links that your website is getting.  Why? Well, by doing this you will be able to detect when a low-quality link has been created.

Create Backlinks

To enjoy a good ranking, you will have to do more than just create new content… You will have to build backlinks too! So, don’t be shy to share your content with other people in your field.

Search For Any Mistakes

The chances are good that you will unfortunately encounter an error at some stage when your web design uses plug-ins or requests data via an API. So, simply take a few minutes every single week to click on links on your pages that get the most traffic and see if you can find any issues.

Pay Attention To Your Different Social Media Accounts

Ensure that all your different social media accounts get updated with all the new content that you have created. It is a great way to get brand new customers and equally important keep your current customers happy. In fact, failing to focus on your customers is one of the most common web design mistakes.

Complete A Site Scan

Every week you should scan your server as well as website for malware. You might think that it is unnecessary, but unfortunately hackers like to zoom in on smaller companies that might not be so well informed about technology.

Back Up

In the event that your website gets hacked, you will only be too grateful that you downloaded a backup of your website. It is best to subscribe to an automatic program which will download your website on a daily basis. Though, if you simply download it manually once a week, it will be enough. After you have downloaded your website, it is best to store it on an external hard drive.

Analyse The Analytics Of The Previous Week

With the help of Google Analytics, you can get a much better idea of how visitors interact with your different pages and web design. What’s more, you will be able to spot if your web design has any issues as an unexpected decrease in traffic can be an indication of problems.

At the end of the day if you are too lazy to maintain your web design, potential customers could lose confident in your brand. So, just complete these simply tasks every week.

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