Developing a perfect website which is able to handle a lot of content with a good design is not easy to develop. Every once in a while, all of us comes across to websites which makes us stop and think about their amazing design and layout. There are many websites which pushes the limited boundaries of designing on the web. Eventually, they become our inspiration and suddenly we want to follow their design aesthetic, interactivity and usability. If you are one of those people who wants to develop a great portfolio website, then you have come to the right place.

This is because here, we are going to share some great design websites for your inspiration. All of these websites are masterpieces as they offer a lot to their visitors. The colors, layout, interactivity offered by these websites are outstanding. You can make a content rich website by looking at these websites:

1. Polygon

This is a videogame review website which offers long scrolling to the users. The best thing about this website is its untraditional layouts. A lot of images are present on the website which makes it attractive as well. The articles shared on the website are also managed in a very good way. They are not just pasted on the site, in fact, these are intentionally laid out. You can quickly search games on the website. In addition to that, the developer has highlighted the main points in an amazingly dramatic way. This is a great inspiration for developers.

2. Feed

Feed represents a very cool and interesting concept. It depicts a stunning presentation of what a good developer can do on the web. It is an outstanding blend of videos and animations. The website has amazing colors as well. Due to the layout of the website, visitors have a very engaging experience. It has numerous unique features which makes it a great inspiration for many new developers on the internet. You can also follow the design of the website for your own site.

3. The Verge

The Verge is also considered as a great inspiration in the world of technology. This is all because of its bold and striking approach. They are attracting a lot of visitors on their website. Here, we are going to shed some light on the specifications of this particular website. First of all, it is a great story collage. The home page itself will show you different leading stories and puzzles. Several headings are mentioned on the front page which will give a glimpse to what is present in the articles. Thumbnail sliders are present which will allow the user to see a specific post on the website. The Verge has a great style of directing its visitors.

4. Conde Nast

First of all, we would like to mention that this amazing website is a parent company of many magazines in the world. This website shows a mountain of content in it. But, the best thing about Conde Nast is its discipline. The content is well managed which makes it easier for the user to navigate through it.