Web design is more than just about creating a good looking user interface; it is certainly more than pretty pages and animations. Web design is about creating a truly wonderful user experience. Web elements are combined with quality content to deliver an experience that viewers – and potential customers – can really relate to. Here are some of the reasons why user experience, or UX in short, is so important in web design.

Why User Experience (UX) is So Important in Web Design

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Good UX = Good SEO

Google and other search engines are beginning to take user experience into consideration when ranking websites for search results. Crawlers and search engine algorithms now take a few additional factors into consideration, such as:

  • Page loading time
  • Readability
  • Where web elements are positioned
  • Mobile-friendliness, and
  • Efficiency

These are factors that really say a lot about user experience. Readability, for example, is rated based on the size of your main text, whether headings and subheadings are present as well as various other details about the design itself.

Good UX = Good Performance

Every website has its own goals. Some are there to deliver content, while others may focus more on selling products and services. For a website to perform well and achieve its goals, it needs to provide a good user experience in the first place.

Let’s say you are running an online store and you want customers to buy a certain product. There are a few things you can do to improve user experience. Adding clear and fast-loading images, providing customers with detailed descriptions of the product and making the checkout process as simple as it can be will certainly help boost the site’s conversion rate.

On the other hand, a flaw in user experience – no matter how simple – can greatly influence the site’s ability to reach its goals. When a user can’t complete the checkout form because a field is not working, that user will most likely get frustrated in a matter of seconds and may cancel the decision to buy your product altogether.

Good UX = Good Retention

The internet is a crowded place. Aside from fighting for traffic, it is also important to fight for user retention. You need users to keep coming back for more. More importantly, you need users to spend a lot of time browsing through your site. These things can only happen when your website offers a good user experience.

These aspects must also be the focus of your web development project. When searching for web design services in Las Vegas or other cities for the project, be sure to compare service providers based on their ability to deliver a good user experience. Don’t hesitate to ask questions about how users – particularly local users – behave and how the site can be developed for maximum UX.

It is clear that UX is a big part of web design. A website must be able to serve more than content. It needs to create impressions and the only way to do that is by providing good user experience. The benefits of good UX, as we just discussed in this article, are all worth pursuing.