As of 2019, there are over one billion websites on the internet and every site is trying to attract more traffic to itself. However, some factors would attract traffics to a website, and one such factor is the speed of the website.

Speed is the loading time of a website; i.e., the difference between time a user requests data from a web server and the time the user gets the data. Many factors are contributing to the speed of a website. The most important factor is the server speed; the speed of the server where website’s files reside will directly affect the speed of the website.

A slow website might lose traffic at an unexpected scale because only a few people tolerate slow website. People would prefer to meet a maintenance page rather than be given hope of what they came for and wait minutes after minutes for the website to finish loading.


WordPress is an optimized Content Management System (CMS); it has been built to load at an excellent speed. However, the speed of WordPress may be altered by so many factors. The major contributor to the slowness of WordPress is insufficient resources, and this problem is common to the WordPress Shared Hosting. This should be so because hundreds of website have to share the same resources located on the same server. Thus competition occurs, and it results in survival of the fittest.

On the contrary, a dedicated hosting caters for all the needs of a WordPress hosting. All the resources needed are made available for only one WordPress website, and there is zero competition. Dedicated hosting enhances the speed of WordPress to its maximum. The best WordPress hosting package to use for a WordPress hosting is the managed hosting package. offers one of the best hosting packages available worldwide. A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting offers up to 20X faster speed than any shared hosting.

These are a few of other benefits that come with A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting packages.

A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting Feature

  • Dedicated hosting; A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting is a full dedicated hosting plan. Your website will be isolated with all resources needed to operate at maximum speed.
  • Extensive storage space; there are different requirements for different types of websites, one of the important requirements is the storage space. Storage space is crucial because it is the location where the website’s files are being stored. Including uploaded documents such as media files, digital files, etc. A2hoting knows the importance of storage space and has made it available in abundance. The minimum storage space that comes with A2hosting Managed WordPress packages is 10GB.
  • Unlimited transfer; bandwidth is the amount of traffic that a website generates. On the typical website hosting packages, bandwidth is capped to a specific number and this result in the unavailability of such website once the assigned bandwidth is used up. With A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting, you do not need to worry about your bandwidth because it is unlimited. Your website will handle as much traffic as it can receive without been put offline.
  • Free security certificates: in addition to the dedicated server which is one of the most effective security measures, this hosting package provides free SSL certificates to ensure your WordPress website is always safe.
  • Free and secure automated backups: with A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting you will not be left regretting why you didn’t back up your website when you had the chance. This hosting plan performs an automatic backup at your specified interval. You can even download the backup file to your local device for more assurance.
  • Free and secure site transfer: you have an existing WordPress website hosted somewhere else? And you would like to move it to A2hosting server? No problem, A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting got you covered. Experts will help you to move your websites within minutes, and your website will go live once again.
  • Anytime money-back guarantee: just in case for any reason you dislike the A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting, you can always have your money back.

A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting offers to do the heavy lifting tasks for you, while you have more time to focus on generating rich contents for your WordPress website. You can compare and purchase A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting plans here;