In the majority of websites today, search engines are the primary source of traffic. That is why it is important to understand SEO tips that can help you in the improvement of SEO for WordPress sites. Here you will learn about some top WordPress SEO plugins that you can use to achieve success and improve your site regarding SEO.

Must-Have WordPress Plugins

Yoast WordPress SEO

It has been downloaded by a lot of users worldwide. If you are looking for on-site SEO needs WordPress SEO by Yoast is a comprehensive one. With it, you can add SEO title, add meta description and also give instructions to search engines by filling the meta robots tags. If you want to write a custom title for your primary website, category, tag pages as well as archives you can conveniently do so.


A website evolves overtime and you will necessarily need to use redirects to let search engines know the new location of a page you’ve changed the URL for. By doing that, you ensure that search engines and users will not hit a 404 page, which provides a bad experience, and you will be able to maintain your high SEO performances by transferring the PageRank from the old URL to the new one. The SEO plugin “Redirection” for WordPress will allow you to manage redirects and regular expression to improve your SEO.


Optimus Bulk Optimizer is a WordPress plugin that will help you to compress your images in order your pages to load faster. As the SEO company, Get Clicks Hong Kong stated in its article “How does page speed impact SEO”, optimizing the loading time of your pages will benefit your SEO by improving the crawling process and Optimus will be an asset. With this plugin, you will be able to load sized images and to reduce their weight for a faster loading.

4 Tools That Will Benefit To Your SEO Strategy


If you are a pro, you can use this tool to help you in gathering the analytics as well as insights from your competitor to assist you in the improvement of your SEO. Some of the things that you can learn include organic keywords, helpful ideas about the strategies used by your competitor in the advertisement, where you can obtain backlinks and many other insights. You pay to subtribe to the tool and many SEO experts across the world are using it

 Google Keyword Planner

Google is the leading company when it comes to insights about different searches done by different people. Google keyword planner is essential as it can help you in getting keyword ideas that you can use to improve your SEO ranking. The tool is free, and everyone interested can use it. The primary use of this device is guiding advertisers the kind of keywords that they can choose for SEO relevancy. If you write content, this tool is helpful because you can use it in finding keywords that have high search volumes and interest. With this tool, you can rank higher than most of your competitors.

It is a free tool for researching keywords, yet it is one of the best tools available. With the tools, you can just generate your keyword ideas by keyword typing. Google has auto suggest feature for keywords, and you will get to see keyword suggestions. The keywords suggested are important, and the information will be of great significance to content writer and bloggers. The Google autocomplete feature gives suggestions on keywords by the number of times the keyword has been used. It shows that the results at the tip are mostly the keywords researched. A keyword tool is an excellent tool, but the best part is that the tool is free and anyone can just benefit from the tool. The tool can also be used in optimizing your website’s content on your WordPress site. With the tool, you can also get keyword suggestions from Bing, App Store and YouTube.

Open Site Explorer

It is a free tool that you can use to help you check data regarding domain names. With the help of the tool, you can see the anchor texts used and those linking to the domains. It also gives a lot of information concerning top pages and linking domains.

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