Website traffic is not enough.

Visitors who don’t click are just a drain on your server resources.

You have spent months generating the Internet’s best content and building a beautiful site. You have paid too much for premium WordPress plugins, logo design, and professional advice, and still, nobody interacts with your web content.

Here’s the truth, and it’s going to hurt.

You are boring.

Your Website Is Boring

You are boring if your site:

  • Does nothing for your visitors
  • Has no personality
  • Takes too long to load

Putting Things Right

You can work on all three failings simultaneously.

1. Improving your content

Have you forgotten who your target user is? Have you become too general in trying to appeal to everyone? Do you accept guest posts that are not quite up to your standard?

Get your new content right. Focus on your target profile and the problems you can solve for that person. Guest posts offer different points of view, but you will need to work with your writers to ensure they align with your site’s message. It is better to have fewer posts than to accept guest posts that make your site boring.

2. Letting Your Personality Shine Through

Personality is what sets your WP site apart from the giants, and might make you a giant one day.

When you read a book or watch a movie, you identify with the characters.

If website visitor just wanted facts, they could go to a news site or Wikipedia. They are looking for someone they can identify with, the person behind the site. Some visitors will dislike you, but that’s par for the course. If you are interesting enough for some people to like, others will take an aversion to you, just like in real life.

Accepting guest posts can still work, but you might need to add a paragraph or two and edit them to they reflect your editorial policy and views.

Get personal – Place your photo prominently on every page, so visitors never forget whose site they are on. If you have a new baby, talk about it. If you have a death in the family, talk about that, too. You don’t need to go public with everything, just enough to capture readers’ attention.

Your site design should be unique, just as you are. It should reflect your personality and objectives. Make it clear and uncluttered and remove any page items that detract from your visitor experience.

Encourage Interactions

Make it easy for visitors to comment by avoiding any comment system that requires a login. If someone has to log in to WordPress, Disqus or some other platform, it presents an extra obstacle to communication; and many people do not have accounts at these comment service providers. The default WordPress commenting system is the simplest.

Use prominently placed custom forms to encourage anyone visiting your site to talk to you. And respond. Ease of use is essential if you are using custom forms extensively, WPforms is a good option to consider.

Screenshot source

Features such as; drag and drop, templates and anti-spam features make WPforms a desirable option.

3. Improving Visitors’ Experience

Visitors are concerned about two aspects of your website, security, and speed.

Improving Site Speed

Site speed matters. Fact.

If a site takes more than 3 seconds to load then 4 out of 10 people give up and click away.

If you want to keep visitors’ attention, you need to make your pages load faster. You can make some improvements without spending a cent, but to get the ultimate speed you will need to invest.

Look into better hosting solutions such as WordPress hosting or a VPN and use plugins such as Autoptimize to compress your code. Reduce the bandwidth images take by compressing them using Smush and check your page speed using WebPageTest after installing any plugin.

Use a content delivery network (CDN). Most CDN services have a free level of service and even that will speed up your site.

Improving Visible Site Security

You can and should use plugins to maximize your site security, but doing so is not visible to users. People are concerned about their online privacy, and you need to do everything possible to reassure them about your site’s security.

You need an SSL certificate and the padlock and https web address that comes with it. One way to get all those simply is to opt for a

Many premium CDN accounts include visible security features like SSL encryption. These accounts also offer invisible features such as DDoS attack mitigation and Backdoor detection as well as the ultimate in speed increases.

The Short Version

The secret to improving visitor engagement is to interest them. You do that by only ever publishing top quality content that stimulates users’ minds,  making sure your personality permeates every aspect of your site and improving visitors’ experience by using a CDN that includes SSL.