Even though several web technologies have evolved over time, the practice of using a CMS like WordPress is common among developers and businesses alike. Creating a website with basic features is very easy in WordPress, but when it comes to customization, it becomes a challenging task, especially when the code used revolves around the creation and use of plugins.

Any flaw in the plugin can potentially damage your website, or the entire CMS. As a result, a developer needs to check the compatibility of the available plugins, or the developed plugins with the existing version of WordPress. A Dubai web design company may use GitHub to post the plugins on the community site, so that developers could check and come back with a solution. However, this route takes a long time, and may not be conducive for business.

Developers at Mind Metricks understand the urgency and need to create plugins that are compatible. And if there are issues with compatibility, then they need to be fixed. So, after careful study and research, they have come up with the following four plugins that easily detect compatibility issues in WordPress. These plugins allow everything from sandboxing to cloning of code, and ensure that your themes meet WordPress standards.


This plugin is designed to copy site data and content, and get it transferred to another server for the purpose of testing. The plugin works well on single site installations that run on Linux or Mac OS X servers. Though compatible with Windows, certain features such as backing up files clearing of cache may not be functional. The plugin plays a vital role to check whether the website links point to correct pages. It is also helpful in determining the functionality of shopping carts, contact forms, and other dynamic elements.

Theme Check

This plugin comes as a delight to theme developers. It does automated testing of the WordPress site. The plugin checks whether the theme meets the latest reviews standards and WordPress best practices. It is compatible with Multisite installations. With this plugin in place, you will not have to worry about implementing and uploading of a broken theme. It only takes a few seconds for the plugin to detect compatibility issues in the theme, which can be fixed easily.


Apart from checking the compatibility issues of the plugins, Sandbox checks every other element for compatibility as well. The plugin works by simply creating a copy of your website called the ‘sandbox’. Once the plugin is activated, you can check the compatibility issues of your site. The plugin is effective in checking the compatibility of changes introduced in the code or functionality. It is a safe way to introduce changes without affecting the mainsite.

NS Cloner – Site Copier WordPress plugin

Developed in line with SitePush, this plugin copies your website’s content entirely to prepare it for testing. NS Cloner only works well with Multisite installations. Once the plugin is activated, it creates automatic copies of the site. The plugin is a great tool for creating clones of websites and testing multiple features or plugins, without affecting the main website.