If you were thinking of launching a blog and was looking for the right platform to launch it on, then chances are you’ve heard of WordPress. But while WordPress is known mainly for blogging, it is really a very powerful content management system that can be used not only for blogging but for building fully functioning websites as well. But for bloggers, especially new ones, there aren’t many platforms that can top it. In this article, we’re going to give you a few reasons why WordPress should be the platform of choice for any new blogger.

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It’s Open Source

WordPress is an open source software, meaning that it has a large community behind it that can help when it comes to things like beta testing and shaping new updates. The software is also completely free.

But while it is free, you’ll have to be prepared to make a few expenses. If you’re going to use the self-hosted version, then you’ll have to pay for hosting and a domain name as well. However, you can easily find cheap shared hosting for as little as $5 per month if you don’t have lots of traffic yet. You can then graduate to something more robust as you start getting a following.

Extremely Easy to Install

WordPress is so easy to install that anyone with even the slightest computer knowledge should be able to install it. If you’re familiar with FTP, all you need is pick up a free piece of software like FileZilla and follow the WordPress installation instructions. Most hosting providers will also have a one button install option that makes installation even easier. If you want more information about how to install WordPress on your server, you can check out this article on how to create a blog in 30- minutes.

It’s Versatile

No matter what you’re trying to do, chances are you can do it with WordPress. We already mentioned earlier how WordPress goes well beyond blogging, but the fact that it started with blogging in mind gives it a huge advantage when it is time to incorporate a blog to your site. Many website building tools view blogging as an afterthought and make it harder to create and publish blog posts. And with the wide variety of themes available, you can have your own corporate website, e-commerce site or membership site in seconds. Furthermore, you could give your site a whole makeover in seconds just by switching themes.

It’s Easy to Pick Up

Not only is the platform extremely user friendly, but the WordPress community is huge and always there to help. No matter what issue you may have, you’ll find someone to help you with it. Community members are online 24/7 and will go above and beyond with any problems you may have and might even teach you some valuable tricks along the way.


WordPress one of the most valuable and easy to use tools for new bloggers. Make sure that you look at the features WordPress has to offer and make sure that you understand everything there is to know about the platform, so you can unleash its full potential.