Nowadays it is crucial to have an appealing website that’s just invites online surfers to your page and keeps them scrolling over and over. Visually appealing websites drive more traffic, engage more people, generate more readership and click-throughs.There are many other benefits to it that I can hardly able to mention all of them. Visual appeal is the key to building a successful and efficient website.

WordPress gives us the opportunity to control and adjust almost every aspect of our websites and we should take a full advantage of it. Below is the list of 5 WordPress plugins that do a great job in helping you attract visitors’ attention and make you website engaging and inviting.

Photo Gallery

Images and videos attract a lot of people, especially the ones who are fond of scrolling through image albums and galleries. Well organized image galleries and photo albums will do a great job in inviting people to your website and increase user engagement. Photo Gallery  provides numerous ways how to best showcase images and photos on your website. It’s 100{c584a3c71b685fcd96beea1844aef9782c2ee6d09f6362cffd32c21cdeda575f} responsive and has a number of gallery views to choose from. You can create unlimited number of albums and galleries and display your images in Image Browser, Thumbnails, Slideshow for galleries and Compact Album, Extended Album views for albums. You can add galleries and albums to different posts and pages and choose who can edit them. There is a possibility for Watermarks and advertisements for every image.

photo gallery

Photo Gallery widget enables you to display your images and galleries as widgets. You can also embed videos from YouTube or Vimeo to your galleries. There is a right click protection to disable the image downloading  and a possibility to add tags to the individual images, as well as to all the images within a gallery at once. The Search box availability on gallery page will enable your website visitors to search for galleries by titles. You can upload images to galleries directly from your website’s media library. There are a whole lot more features that Photo Gallery plugin has. You just have to give it a try and see the surprising results it brings to your website.

Event Calendar WD

If you love meeting with your audience and frequently organize various events on your website then one thing you should be careful about is to  make sure you’re your visitors get to know about your events. Another important thing is to display the events in the most attractive and accessible way. This will help you to avoid the mess on your website and also attract more event attendees. This is exactly what Event Calendar WD does. This WordPress calendar plugin helps to create, display and what is more important to organize your events in the most attractive and favorable way possible.

wordpress calendar

You can showcase your events in different elegant views and provide detailed information about the event that might interest and attract your readers. You can add event categories, tags, mention the organizers and mark up the event location on Google maps. There is a possibility to add social sharing buttons to your calendar and enable your website visitors to spread awareness about your events. It’s completely responsive and looks great on any device. Another very useful feature of Calendar WD is that it is SEO friendly and will greatly help you from SEO perspectives.

Easy Google fonts

As an online surfer you’d probably agree that websites which use small and hard to figure out fonts, are running the risk of frustrating the readers. To avoid such a disaster and to make the content of your website easy to grasp and read, you should pay much attention to the fonts you use. With Easy Google fonts you’ll be able to add Google fonts to any of the WordPress themes.

easy google fonts

It is integrated with WordPress Customizer and enables you to instantly preview the font changes on your website and shows what your theme looks like with the new font. You have over 700 fonts at your disposal to choose from and the possibility to create unlimited number of custom font colors. This plugin is great for users who want to change the fonts of their website but don’t want to change the theme.

Slider WD

If you are looking for a way to best showcase your content and make it more inviting, you need to provide yourself with a slider plugin. Sliders do a great work at attracting visitors as images and other kind of visuals draw a lot of attention to your website. Slider WD plugin combines all the great features and functionalities you’ll need to showcase your content. It will enable you to add text, images and media layers to your slides with different transition effects and make your content more appealing and eye-catchy.

slider - wd

There are three options available for image uploading (image URL, you media library, and Slider WD Media Upload). There is image and text watermarking possibility and support for music playback. This WordPress slider plugin provides custom CSS support to add other styling features to your slides. Actually,there are much more features that it offers, you have to check them out. Almost all of its features are fully customizable and the plugin is totally responsive.

Form Maker

Sometimes it is really very hard to get feedback from your readers or visitors and see what aspects of your website you have to work on, to make them more professional and helpful to the visitors. As soon as you detect what works well and what’s not, you can start working on improving specific aspects of your website to make it more inviting and better meet the needs of the visitors. You can use different kinds of forms for making surveys and questionnaires with the help of Form Maker plugin. It is a highly customizable WordPress plugin, which will help you to generate various forms for different purposes.

form maker

You can customize and adjust almost every aspect of the forms to fit your needs. It is possible to generate simple as well as multipart forms with a number of added form fields. The form fields that you can add to your forms include: Text input fields (10 different types, such as name, address, email, numbers, etc) , time and date field, checkbox field for multiple choice  and radio button for single choice questions , Captcha/ReCaptcha field, Map field to show Google maps in the form, Custom and country select field , etc. All the features and functions of the plugin are highly customizable providing you with a sea of options and possibilities to get the most out it. This is absolutely most advanced form maker plugin from the ones available.

If you run a website of your own or work on other websites, you’ll probably know that earning attention is not that easy. It won’t happen overnight neither will it last forever. You have to constantly update your website with relevant content and functionalities to attract visitors and keep them coming back.

Take your pick from the list and make sure your website visitors don’t hit the back button as soon as they get in. If you have any comments, please don’t hesitate to leave one below and let me know what you think about the list.