As a real estate agent, you should know the importance of having a great real estate site. Research from the National Association of Realtors shows that 69 percentof homebuyers begin their search online. Those real estate websites that are well designed, have the appropriate content, and can engage their visitors are the ones that win out in the end.

But when you’re busy analyzing the market and meeting the specific needs of your clientele, you don’t have time to build an amazing website from scratch. It’s also hard to come by the funds to purchase an expensive web template. The good news is, you probably don’t have to.

There are several high-quality real estate website themes for WordPress that are entirely free of charge.

1. WP Listings

This open-source plugin makes it easy to build your very own listing system within any WordPress theme. Some of the key features include the ability to establish your own listing taxonomy, a fully responsive design, a customizable featured listings widget, and custom field data and analytics.

2. Real Estate WordPress Theme

Real Estate is a template that caters more towards real estate agencies rather than individuals. There are several advanced options that offer more features than some of the other free templates you’ll find. It’s optimized primarily for large, high-quality images, which is a staple for any great real estate site.

3. Perfect Rent

With the incredibly high percentage of renters making up our population, using a rent-centric real estate theme is wise for agents specializing in that niche. It uses contemporary pastel colors and designs to catch the eye of millennial renters, which currently make up the largest percentage of renters on the market. The simple design and ease of use will win over any renter.

4. Tyche Properties

Owners and real estate agents alike can take advantage of this unique, free website theme. It has a multi-pages option, which allows you to create a homepage, various landing pages, a gallery, a contact page, a blog, and more. It’s customizable, and the imaging feature is top quality.

5. HomePro

Here is a very powerful website that will require a quality theme. The template supports plugins like IDX listing systems, search functions, and more. It has a predefined layout, but you can drag and drop features to customize it and make the layout more unique.There’s room for plenty of content thanks to different modules and visual optimization.

6. Estatik

This WordPress template is fairly new, but it’s an impressive template for any theme. Its features include a clean and fully responsive interface, plenty of visual optimization, customizations, advanced search features, and a variety of other widgets that enhance the user experience. If you like this package at the basic level and want to upgrade, there are two premium packages that can fit your needs.

7. Megareal

If you’re looking for a website that’s easier for your clients to access, you can use Megareal. It allows clients to post and adjust their own listings to your site without needing admin access. It’s well designed and equipped with map and search features that are integral to a great website. This is a new and unique way to do websites that can help you generate leads and improve the overall success of your site.