WordPress push notification plugin will send a notification to your visitor that there is an update of a new blog post.  They can see the notification pop up on their desktop or mobile phone screen even when they are not on your blog. This will keep your visitors informed about all the latest updates and encourage them to return to your blog.

The visitors that have already opted in to receive the notifications are those who are interested in reading your blog. Since these visitors are interested on your blog, they will also surely be interested in any product that you are promoting on your blog. Returning visitors tend to have good conversion rate and increase your sales.

The WP push notifications can be in the form of a pop up or sound alert. Users have the option of choosing which category of blog posts update they want to receive the notification. In this way, the visitor will only receive notification on posts that he is interested instead of getting a lot of notifications from new blog posts in different categories. This prevents your visitors from becoming fed up due to too many notifications.

The notification can be sent to both Android and iOS mobile devices. If your visitors are from different countries, you can choose a plugin that support localization feature and available in many different translations. Everytime you publish a new post, it will automatically trigger a push notification to your visitor. It won’t be sent to your visitors if you are saving a draft or publish a private post. Posts that have been scheduled will also send push notification at the scheduled publish date. The push notification will not be triggered on scheduled posts.

Push notification works great as a reminder to your visitors that your blog produces good content. Unlike email, it does not require you to open it. It appears as a pop up on the screen and your visitor can instantly see the message. In order for the notification to be sent, the visitor must first agree to opt in to receive the notification. It works the same way as newsletter subscription in a blog.

Before downloading the push notification plugin, you should check what type of devices your visitors are using to access your blog. The push notification plugin should support the type of devices that your visitors use. It should give you the ability to customize the opt-in form and the push notification. For example, you can customize the push with your own logo. You can customize the push notifications to be sent to certain geographic locations.

Some plugins allow you to send unlimited notifications while others will put a limit on the number of notifications that you can send. As a rule of thumb, you should avoid sending too many notifications as it can irritate your visitors. The plugin should incorporate a built in analytic that shows the statistic of the sent notifications. The analytics shows you which visitors are converting. Another thing you should check is the browsers that the plugin supports.  The push notification plugin should support all the major browsers that your visitors use to surf your blog.

Push notifications plugin can be downloaded from the WordPress plugin directory for free. It is completely free and you will not be charged for the delivery of the notification. No third party server is used for sending the notification. After you have installed the plugin, make sure you check the statistic to keep track of the conversions. The notifications should help you to improve your traffic and increase your blog RSS feed subscribers instead of causing to lose visitors.