Having multiple WordPress sites is hard work. It means managing plugins and themes and keeping track of updates, not to mention looking after content. Fortunately there are useful services to help you stay on top of it all, here are some of the most widely used platforms for WordPress that can save you some time and hassle and improve the effectiveness of your multiple site management.


One of the best ways to manage multiple WordPress sites is by using Multisite. WordPress Multisite is a feature that allows multiple virtual sites to share a single installation. So, all you have to do is install WordPress once, and you can run multiple sites through it, with the same core files and folder structure and keeping your themes and plugins together. Have a look at this guide to WordPress Multisite for a more in depth look at how the feature works.


ManageWP is probably one of the best known solutions for managing multiple sites. It allows you to access all of your sites from a single dashboard and perform normal maintenance tasks like updating plugins and deleting spam comments.

It’s generally easy to use, so it’s beginner friendly if that is on your priority list. Plus it comes connected to a committed support network to help with any issues that arise, so all things being even, using ManageWP should help to keep your stress levels at bay. There is a low cost to using the service if you have over five sites, however it is reasonable and justifiable if you will be using it to its full capabilities.

WP Remote

WP Remote gives you the ability to monitor an unlimited number of sites free of charge. It allows you to update each component of your sites with a single click, and again it is relatively easy to use. It is fairly basic at its core, which can be a great thing for beginners not wanting to get bogged down and spend all their time trying to figure out a management tool when the initial goal is to save time in the first place. However, being basic, it is unable to advance along with your own skill sets and needs, not offering its own add-ons.


InfiniteWP allows multiple site management from from a single admin panel. It is self contained and self-hosted which means sensitive data is kept within its bounds, which can be a positive feature of the system. The free version is fairly basic, so this one is probably not the best option for beginners, as realistically you will need to eventually upgrade to the premium version which comes at a decent fee.

CMS Commander

CMS Commander has a very practical interface for managing multiple sites and is easy to use. It allows for bulk edited and copying across sites. It also allows for automatic backups and simultaneous posting features. It does come at a cost, but it is reasonably low and can be quite a worthwhile investment.


The iControlWP also allows for a good use of bulk actions across sites and automatic backups.

The most remarkable aspect of this service, is that you only pay for what you use, per website, which generally works out cheaper than most other fixed monthly price services.

They also have a free monthly trial on offer so they are worth taking a look at, even if you decide to go in a different direction. Just like using Netflix – you might as well go for that free trial!

Managing multiple sites individually is time consuming and after a while, impractical. A good WordPress management system that suits your needs can save you hours of stress and work each week so it is definitely worth looking into what would be the right fit for you and trialing some of these systems.