Helpie is the most advanced knowledge base plugin that helps you add, store, organize and retrieve content fast.

It is a common practice across organizations and businesses to dedicate a section of their website to host answers to issues and address gaps in the knowledge. The knowledge accumulated over time gives you an advantage over your competitors and keeps you ahead of the game.

Helpie can function like a vault, containing critical information for the daily functioning of your business, as well as its long-term success. It can also provide a great solution to store information regarding your customers, employees, products, and services. It helps employees access all the information needed to address customer service issues, resolve problems, and gain insights for workforce collaboration.

Below is a brief but non-exhaustive list of features that make Helpie the best knowledge base for WordPress

  1. Front-end editing: If you have ever needed a way to edit WordPress articles without having to go through the backend, then Helpie is the answer for you. It offers a sleek front-end editor that makes updating data and information accessible and on the fly. In a survey consisting of 250 individuals, it was found that there is 50{c584a3c71b685fcd96beea1844aef9782c2ee6d09f6362cffd32c21cdeda575f} more chance that people would update data if there were a front-end editor and if they did not have to go through the backend.

Let us put it this way, say you have 50 people who have excellent and relevant knowledge about an item, but currently, only 10 perform updates as the others consider going to the backend of WordPress and updating data tiring. With Helpie’s front-end editor you are bound to see at least 75 to 80 people ready to update content. More than that, it makes navigation easy and people won’t mind updating it multiple times if need be. Front-end editing helps you keep the knowledge base up-to-date always. The Best part is, with the User role-based access in Helpie you can be sure that not everyone would be able to make changes from the front-end. You can decide who gets to make the changes and who don’t.

Bottom line, if you want your users and employees to be able to update data with ease into your knowledge base, then Helpie is the answer with its one of a kind Front-end editor. It also makes the life of customer care executives easy, and they won’t have to go through any WordPress training to be able to update data. The Front-end editor ensures that you get more work done in less time.

  1. Powerful Search: What use is all the knowledge if you cannot find the right information when you need it. Helpie understands this and has a three-pronged algorithm to search through articles and show the best results, and did we say it was lightning fast as well! OH yes, it is! This knowledge base plugin ensures a powerful search experience by displaying articles that have a partial match, tag match and also use a Content prioritization algorithm to help you drive on a super fast and relevant searching experience. On the sidelines, the powerful search helps you speed up customer support as people (be it users or customer support executives) can find relevant data quickly.

  1. Automatic Table of Contents: How easy would it be if the Knowledge base itself could generate the table of contents.

For this to work all you have to ensure is while adding articles add the HTML tags (h1, h2, ..) appropriately. Based on the tags Helpie can understand them as subheadings and display them graciously in the sidebar with in-page navigation. This improves the readability and navigation within your article.

  1. Admin Panel that provides clear insights: Helpie comes with an inbuilt set of metrics that are available only to the admin. It helps you identify the weak and strong areas of your knowledge base with the use of a variety of statistics. To name a couple, Helpie shows the most sought-after keywords by your visitors. You can use this to prioritize the content that is being written to cater to the interests of your readers. The second feature is the emo-voting. With emo-voting, you can instantly find out how people feel about each of your articles. Emo-voting helps you gauge how readers feel and find out the content that needs improvement. All these and more metrics available at Helpie, be sure to visit Helpie insights while trying out the demo to see numbers lined up for you. With the Insights make decisions based on data and not instincts or gut feelings.

  1. User role based access: We understand that there are several business needs out there when it comes to who all can see the content of your knowledge base and we want to cater to everyone possible. The user role-based access allows the admin to setup accesses for users. For example you can tune Helpie such that only logged in users are able to view the data in the KB, or you can set it such that everyone can see the data but not edit. The best part is, you can even lock out specific categories from specific user groups. Helpie utilizes of the user groups that come along with the default WordPress installation and the user roles that might have shown up due to other plugins, say store manager if you have Woocommerce installed.

  1. Branding your KB and making it integral part of your website: Pauple understands that branding is essential to make users experience knowledge base as an integral part of the site. Precisely for this reason they have provided an ample number of templates and styling options with Helpie. When used correctly it makes your knowledge base look just like another page on your website. There are five basic templates and lot of customizations that can be done to each of them to make it a part of your site.

The above existing features and the revisioning system for content slated to be released later this month or early next month, definitely makes Helpie the best WordPress knowledge base plugin out there. You can just jump in and try Helpie demo for free.