In today’s digital age it’s almost impossible to find a brand which doesn’t have its website. A business website is essential in order to represent your company, inform partners and customers, and promote your service or a product. Nevertheless, developing a professional website takes time and experience. Your site has to serve different purposes externally and internally. To achieve that, you should choose a versatile content management system, which could provide all the features you need.


For several years, the WordPress platform was one of the most popular ones among website developers. With WordPress, you can manage blogs, e-commerce platforms, portfolio sites and many more. WordPress has a broad choice of functions and features which makes it easy to implement. If you are designing a basic website, it’s unnecessary to use additional coding, as the platform is made user-friendly. However, it is better to invest money and hire professional developers to make it look good and work properly. Some of the additional functions you can set up yourself, one of them is an intranet.

What is an Intranet and How to Use It?

The intranet is a private network that only selected people can access. In general terms, the intranet allows an organization to run its own private network. People who have access can make edits on a platform (if you use WordPress), share files, download documents, and communicate. However, the intranet is recommended for medium or big enterprises, as it has an extra cost of resources. For small businesses, it doesn’t serve its primary purpose, and it’s more convenient to use other tools with similar functions.


If you run a large or medium company then installing the intranet is beneficial. It is easy to implement with WordPress you only have to follow a few steps:

  1. You will need one computer which can be used as a server and stay on until needed.
  2. Further, you have to set up a local WordPress site which will serve as a base for the internal network. To do that pop over to this site where you can find detailed instructions on how to install WordPress intranet.
  3. Onboard people who will be using the platform in order to make it work.

Why is Intranet Beneficial for Your Business?

As mentioned before, the intranet serves its goal with medium to large companies, and as the business expands, you should consider installing it. The private network can be very beneficial for the business and boost communication within the company. To discover more, we name the benefits of the intranet:


Communication – it allows to set a primary communication feature, it makes it easy to share insights on the work, write comments and other notes. Moreover, it is necessary if your business has remote employees because they can make edits and share files without any hassle.

Stored data – a private network allows to store data and have a knowledge base. It is highly beneficial for new hires, as they can find all the necessary information on the system. Furthermore, you will always have access to important files which will save your time.

Data protection – as the intranet can be used to store data, it can also protect it from malicious users. The basics of a private network make it secure in the first place, however, you can protect it even more by using customized privacy settings for each user.

Nonetheless, if you decide to use it for internal communication within the company, we suggest finding specifically customized plugins. It is painless, as WordPress offers various plugins for intranet users which you can install directly from the platform. Plugins such as Userpro, Ultimate Membership Pro or BuddyPress serve community needs better than the intranet alone.

To sum up, if you want your company and a business website work efficiently, you need additional services. WordPress platform for your site is a great start, however, it is essential to optimize it so that system could provide the best service as possible. The intranet is a primary service for bigger enterprises to manage massive work and files load. Use intranet accordingly, and it will make your company more efficient, and boost your business in the long run.