How would you feel if you knew that the security, SEO and conversion performance of your WordPress site is performing above your expectations? You would feel like you have won the trifecta at the races right? By installing the following plugins, your WordPress site will improve its SEO ranking performance, thwart any malicious attempts against the site’s security and should convert better; thus improving subscriptions, leads and sales from your website. Melbourne-based digital agency Digital Next share the following recommended plugins.

Use SumoMe to increase your social media sharing

This is one of the best plugins available to get your content shared on the web. Their floating social media bar can incentivize your site’s visitors to share your website’s content across the web. Simply sign-up and install the application in your WordPress console. You can do a lot with the free version, however you can upgrade to a premium plan, which will give you more display and configuration options.

Improve your site’s SEO visibility with Yoast

There are several WordPress SEO tools available, but Yoast is heads and shoulder above the rest. The plugin will allow you to customize target keywords, titles and meta descriptions. It will even give you a web page relevance score to see how likely the page is to rank in the organic search results.

The plugin also provides other functions such as a dynamic XML sitemap, which can be used to tell Google exactly which pages should and should not be indexed.

Even Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) can be configured within the plugin to make your WordPress site more mobile-friendly.

Conduct conversion testing with Leadpages

Would you like to customize the design of your website, but you aren’t sure how well it will convert? Instead of investing a lot of money in web development, use Leadpages to test your campaigns. You can upload the plugin, which is available from Leadpages and configure your website to display different landing page layouts to see which one will convert the best.

Improve your website’s speed with W3 cache

Improve the speed and performance of your website by installing the plugin W3 cache. The plugin can help minimize files and scripts, as well as configure your WordPress site to serve content from a CDN (Content Delivery Network) rather than from its local server, which will increase the web page’s loading time.

WP Smush

This plugin helps to reduce the file size of any images that’s uploaded to your WordPress CMS. When the file size is reduced, it can load the web page much quicker; thus providing a better user experience and it is better for SEO.

Improve your site’s security with Wordfence

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of people on the web using malicious software to exploit any weaknesses in your website. They are often exploited when plugins or files aren’t updated. Typically when people find out, it is too late and their site has been hacked or infected with malicious software.

Installing Wordfence puts you one step closer towards protecting your website. The plugin puts up a firewall, blocks malicious login attempts and sends immediate alerts for any plugins that need updating.

If you want to learn about more WordPress plugins that can improve the performance of your website, then check out the recommended resource below.

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Every aspect of internet marketing points towards an increased user experience. Installing these plugins will allow your site to easily achieve that and you will be rewarded with increased engagement and visibility online. Try installing the plugins and see what results you can achieve in the next 30 days.