Designers of all kinds – from visual artists that depend on online portfolios, to website designers who create sites for their clients – depend on different tools to bring their work to life. WordPress is the perfect platform for site development, and there are thousands of plugins that help designers truly show off their talents and enhance the user experience.

According to Rocket 55, a web design firm in Minneapolis, “In today’s industry of rapidly growing interfaces, UX design has become increasingly important… It aims to provide positive experiences that keep users loyal to the product/brand.” With that in mind, here are seven killer design plugins for WordPress:

Google Fonts

With Easy Google Fonts, Google’s entire font directly is at your fingertips. Currently, the Google Fonts library boasts 848 font families. The interface is simple and intuitive to use, and you can easily set up different fonts for various areas of the sites. Each of these fonts come equipped with their own custom CSS box, allowing you to override existing font styles. With this plugin, you can also take full control of your theme’s typography and preview font changes on your website in real time.

Custom Sidebars

Customization is a huge part of any designer’s agenda, and Custom Sidebars emphasizes the customization of sidebars; an area that’s highly important, but too often ignored in website design. Sidebars allow you to include information that might get lost on a page, or don’t truly have a proper place on the page. It’s also the ideal place to run ads, place call-to-action items, and share live social media feeds.

Envira Gallery

There a quite a few awesome gallery plugins for WordPress, but the Envira Gallery is one of the best. Galleries like Envira allow you to create amazing photo collections and take your visual WordPress capabilities a step further. A fullscreen add-on allows you to transform your image into a large, fullscreen picture; lightroom integration that allows webmasters to pull images and albums directly from the Adobe’s Lightroom software; and over a dozen other add-ons enhance the plugin features even more, creating near limitless options for photos.


Parallax scrolling is becoming a more popular design trend, and web designers are looking for simple ways to implement it. It gives websites a three-dimensional feel by making the background scroll movement slower and the foreground movement quicker. CodeCanyon’s Parallax Page Builder allows webmasters to take advantage of this trendy feature without having to code. To give you some inspiration, take a look at how other websites, like Myriad and New York design agency Madwell, are using the parallax scroll.

Elementor Page Builder

You’ve likely heard of platforms like Wix whose drag-and-drop interfaces making website building as easy as 1-2-3. The task of web designers can be infinitely made easier with the Elementor Page Builder, which takes the “drag and drop” model a step further. This is especially true for novice designers, though designers of any expertise can make the most of the Page Builder features and functionalities.

This plugin allows you to create a completely unique design without ever having to dabble in code. Even with a drag-and-drop interface, customization is easy. Define a section height and width, position content fluidly, resize columns, and more. Many of today’s design trends can be produced using the Elementor plugin, though some themes do work better with the plugin than others. A little trial and error can help you reach your goals here.


With over 3,000 5-star ratings, the TablePress plugin leaves little to be desired. This plugin allows designers to add feature-rich tables to their posts, pages, and widgets. Table data can be edited through a spreadsheet-like interface that’s easy to navigate. There are quite a few use cases for these types of tables on your site.

Maybe you want your visitors to be able to read data easily, or need to create advanced tables that your visitors can interact with. Either way, TablePress helps get the job done for designers who want to provide information in the most useful way. And the best part about TablePress – and why it’s so well-received in the WordPress community – is that it blends in seamlessly with the WordPress environment when published.

Max Mega Menu

Max Menu Menu is ideal for designers who have a lot to say, and need more real estate to say it. This menu management plugin will transform your existing, simple menu into a “mega” menu that truly reflects the website needs. You can restyle the menu using different themes,  incorporate widgets directly into those menus, add icons and hover clicks, and so much more. Check out the Max Mega Menu website to see demos of how this can transform your website.