Since you’ve landed on this post, it is a clear indication that you think your blog needs a makeover and, I assure you, that it might be true. Unlike designing a new blog space, revamping a blog takes effort. This is because you try to adjust things to the already placed content and forms.

However, it is not an unnerving task and once you get going, changes follow soon enough. In this article, I’ll share tips on what you should focus on when revamping your blog for greater user attention, focus and retention.

Rework the Design

First things first. When it comes to revamping your blog the most important aspect that needs to change is the look and feel of the blog. It is, after all, the look and feel that determines whether a user will be interested to stay on your blog or not.

One of the simplest ways of going about this is to change the current theme of your blog. Themes, after all, speak a lot about the blog. Try to choose a theme that is close to the niche of your website and blends in seamlessly. A tip to remember here is to choose a responsive theme that works well with any device.

After you’re done applying the new theme, it is time to look at the widgets and plugins. Try to minimise the use of these and install only those WordPress plugins that are extremely important. For example, user email subscription signup form plugin. The lesser the number of these on your blog, the more professional it looks.

Move to your Own Domain

Moving to your own domain is one of the most crucial things if you decide to monetize your blog and promote it. Having a customized personal domain name adds to the authenticity factor and helps you promote your brand easily.

There are several types of web hosting available in the market. However, since you already have a WordPress website, it is best to choose WordPress Hosting, as your preferred hosting service. This is so because with WordPress Hosting you get features like regular backup, WordPress updates to patch up vulnerabilities, secure and faster website loading speed and so on, to keep your website functioning smoothly.

Once this choice is made, it is time to find a hosting provider. Take care to search for a hosting provider that provides the best WordPress Hosting service and plans to you. This might take some amount of research but it is important that you do it. Should you choose to go with any hosting rather than take time out to choose what will work best for you,you might suffer the consequences later.

One way of figuring out if the web hosting provider is good enough is to check out their reviews as well as their support team. I would recommend ResellerClub. According to me it has the best WordPress Hosting, as it’s based on the cloud. Owing to this there is practically zero downtime.  The next step after choosing your web host, is to choose which plan to go for depending on the size of your website and the number of visitors you expect.

Publicising on Social Media

Now that you’re done moving to your own personal domain and redesigning your blog, it is time to publicise it on social media. A simple way to do so is by creating a social media page on leading websites like Facebook/Twitter/Instagram etc. You can then use this page to publish to posts you’ve written on your blog. Try making infographics to represent content, as such designs work well on social media and would eventually link back to your website.

An active social media page, could not only result in better publicity but consequently, help you acquire traffic on your blog, in turn helping in the monetization.


Revamping a blog does take effort, but choosing a beautiful theme for attracting users, the best WordPress Hosting for minimum downtime and effective promotion of social media could do wonders. Take time out and do this, and I assure you, you won’t regret.