The world of ecommerce is booming with a variety of people with different backgrounds changing their lives with money they have earned. This has also turned online selling into an incredibly competitive marketplace with people around the world trying to ramp up their volume of sales. The tough aspect is that not everyone knows where to start in terms of building their ecommerce site. Picking the right theme can be integral to generating the sales that the owner of the site desires.

Different themes might be best for different types of sites but below will outline the best WordPress themes for ecommerce websites.


For those ecommerce professionals that want to be able to customize their website at will, this is the theme for you. This will easily integrate with most page builders regardless of which one you prefer. The ability to import a variety of starter pages makes this one of the most versatile WordPress themes that there is available on the market. Among the starter pages there are plenty of options for those people looking specifically to build ecommerce pages. There are also add ons and other features that make this one of the best themes available whether you are building an ecommerce page or traditional page.


This is a best-seller on many platforms due to it making it far easier to run an ecommerce business. Content is very important when it comes to an ecommerce site as small aspects like product descriptions can help minimize or maximize sales. With over 30 content modules any keyword requirements or content that needs to be produced can in a seamless way. The panel on the theme allows a user to modify any part of the theme that they would like in a quite simple way.

Neve Shop

Neve is a great theme as it is perfect for ecommerce as well as a variety of other uses. This theme sets itself up to a point as at the end of setup you will have a full-functional ecommerce website. Not only this but the theme adheres to best SEO practices which is extremely important in all forms of online business. The ability to integrate with ecommerce plugins is very convenient for the ecommerce website creator as well.


This theme is the official theme of WooCommerce which means that integration is not going to be an issue. The theme is not as customizable as others on this list and is quite simple overall. For those with a technical background with website design this is a great theme as you can build your ecommerce store completely. For those people without a design background this could be the most difficult theme to work with on this list.

As you can see there are themes that will help generate sales when compared to the other themes in the WordPress wheelhouse. Take the time to see which theme not only offers the best user experience but also do some testing to see which works best. The ability to earn immense amounts of money through ecommerce is available, you just have to take advantage.