Finding the perfect website theme can prove a difficult challenge. Some website themes will begin to look dated, some will not fit the type of website you are creating, and others do not have the correct aesthetic that will draw in customers or readers. The perfect website theme depends mostly on what kind of website you intend on creating. If you’re making a blog, you will want a different theme than if you’re making a promotional site for a business, for example. That being said, here are ten of the best website themes that will work for a variety of sites you might be interested in creating.

1. Hemingway

Hemingway is a website theme that is great for bloggers. It has a clear, polished layout with two columns in addition to typical typography and easily readable text. Hemingway is a website theme offered by WordPress and used by many bloggers to appeal to their readers. Its design makes is friendly for readers of various ages and demographics and Hemingway is also built to be responsive. The theme will work on both mobile and desktop in addition to being fully compatible with VPS hosting.

2. SKT Full Width

SKT Full Width is a website theme that will work well for websites that exist primarily to display images. SKT Full Width uses the full browser width, hence the name, and allows you to add descriptions using overlay text. The only concern one might have when using this theme is if the images they plan on using have a high enough resolution for very large screens without looking poorly.

3. Origin

Origin is a website theme designed for websites that have a lot of text on their homepage. The Origin theme puts all that text onto the homepage without making it look cramped or cluttered. This is ideal for a website with many articles. Your articles are arranged in a column that provides plenty of space for each article to have a compelling introduction and draw readers in to read more. The type also looks very good.

4. Fashionista

Fashionista is a website theme that is optimized for magazine style blogs. The bold headlines and busy layout is sure to look great on both mobile and desktop devices. If you are planning on creating a magazine style blog or just want to change themes with a magazine style blog, Fashionista is a great choice.

5. Hatch

Hatch is a website theme that will amaze illustrators, photographers, and artists. The layout has one slot for your main image then a grid of twelve to quickly give visitors an idea of what your work looks like. Hatch uses the space that your website has well and fits a lot of content into one screen.

6. Optimizer

Optimizer is a website theme that is very easy to optimize for your complete satisfaction. Its most advanced theme options panel allows you to customize every element of your site easily. Optimizer is also completely mobile compatible. You can use Optimizer for personal blogging, portfolios, services and more since it gives you so many options to use.

7. Future Lite

Future Lite is a website theme perfect for creative agencies, creative portfolios, and freelancers. The layout is responsive and adapts to the screen size of different devices your visitors are using. Future Lite also looks very good on high-resolution displays. Future Lite has custom menu, custom header, sidebar widget, featured image, theme options, clean typography, and built-in pagination features. If you are creating a creative website of any kind, Future Lite is a fantastic choice for your website theme.

8. Longform

Longform is the preferred website theme choice for storytellers. Longform is an excellent theme for writers of all kinds. In short, it allows storytellers to post their stories without worrying about complicated coding or going through hours of extra configuration. This theme is also fully compatible with VPS hosting and that allows anyone to access it, regardless of how they access and browse the Internet.

9. Moesia

If you want to expand your business’s online presence, Moesia is a phenomenal choice for you. You can choose from eleven predefined blocks and craft a homepage that suits your company well. Each of the homepage blocks can have a parallax background image and its own set of colors. Moesia features a good selection of Google Fonts, two types of layouts for the blog page, exciting animation and effects, a parallax header, and much more. As long as you have a header image that will grab your customer’s attention, Moesia will help your business grow and prosper.

10. Nicititate

Nicititate is another website theme that is incredibly versatile. Nicititate can meet your needs whether your website is a blog, contains portfolios, or is an online store and offers services to customers. It has a high amount of customization and the template that will make any site look more professional and well organized. Since it is so versatile, it is difficult to say what kind of website the theme works best for, but you can rest assured that it will work for your website. The clean look and its level of possible customization means both you and whoever is visiting your website will be satisfied with the end result if you decide to use this theme.

So, those were ten of the best website themes available. Some of them are better for online stores and services, some are better for personal blogs, some are better for storytellers, but they all share a similar level of quality. All ten of these website themes either have useful features, great aesthetics, or a high level of customization to allow you to make the website into whatever you need. Simply put, choose one of these ten website themes and you will feel satisfied with it.