WordPress is the website platform of choice for millions of businesses and individuals around the world. Like any industry, some WordPress developers provide a professional service and excellent value for money. Unfortunately, other developers are not as reliable and can be frustrating to work with. Below are some tips you should take into account, before choosing a WordPress website developer.

How to Choose a WordPress Website Developer

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WordPress Knowledge and Previous Work

When you hire a website developer, make sure you hire someone who knows exactly what they are doing. They should be able to provide the exact solution you require. Ask each developer for examples of previous work. If possible, speak to previous customers of potential website providers you are thinking of hiring to find out what kind of experience they have had with a WordPress website developer.

Price and Future Costs

There are a lot of reliable, professional developers out there, so the next criteria you should consider is the price of the service being offered by each WordPress developer.  Some WordPress website developers charge hidden fees or may charge high fees to maintain your website in the future. Make sure you know exactly how much you have to pay for every service related to your website. It’s often a good idea to get this in writing, so that a developer does not change the goalposts later.


A reliable website developer makes sure they communicate properly with customers. Before hiring a developer, ask plenty of questions about the service you are looking for. If they are easy to contact and provide prompt answers, in a professional manner, there is more of a possibility that they will continue to communicate with you like this if you become a customer.


A lot of businesses and individuals may not have the skills and knowledge to set up their own WordPress website. However, once a website is set up, many business owners and individuals want to be able to update their website themselves. It should not be a problem for anyone to have access to the administration area of their new WordPress website, so that they can add their own content.

However, some developers want to keep clients in the dark by refusing to allow this to happen. Avoid developers who don’t let you edit your WordPress website yourself, because many will attempt to charge you money every time you decide to make any website changes, no matter how big or small the changes are.

Online Marketing

Some website developers are only able to set up a WordPress website and don’t have online marketing skills and knowledge. If you hire someone like this, it means you have to hire someone else to carry out online marketing activities separately. If possible, find a website developer who can create a professional looking website, and is also a website optimization specialist.

Hiring a WordPress website developer has the potential to save you time and lets you create a much better website. However, it’s important to ensure that you choose the right person or business to do this work. The tips above will greatly increase the likelihood of achieving this outcome.