Are you planning to create a responsive business website for your client? By using any of the following free responsive WordPress themes, it is easy to create a responsive website that can attract the maximum visitors.

What is a Responsive Website?

A responsive website is one that provides an optimal viewing experience to the user. It helps in easy reading, sizing, navigation, and scrolling facilities on all types of devices like computers, laptops and Smartphones. Today, responsive websites are a must as people using different devices to access websites is increasing.

Importance of Responsive Websites

Responsive WordPress themes have auto adjustment capabilities. This means the websites automatically adjust to fit the screen size correctly.  A responsive theme will help potential customers to connect with your website instantly.

A website is prepared after a lot of discussion and planning. It displays very important information that you want your customers to see and understand. If your website is not capable of presenting the necessary information to prospective customers, then there is no use of having a website. A responsive website will present itself in a professional way irrespective of the device used so that the user can go through the website without any difficulty.

From the designer point of view, a responsive theme will help the designer to prepare a responsive website much more easily compared to using an ordinary WordPress theme. WordPress offers various business responsive themes that can be used to create professional looking websites for your client.

Top 6 Responsive WordPress Themes for Business Website

  • AccessPress Parallax: AccessPress Parallax is a powerful WordPress theme that uses Parallax design. Using this WordPress theme, you can create 3D effects. The main advantage of the AccessPress Parallax responsive theme is that it is perfect for storytelling. This interactive and engaging theme is capable of attracting a lot of users. You can easily integrate AccessPress Parallax with Google Maps.
  • Sydney: Sydney WordPress theme is more suitable for creating professional looking websites that can keep the visitors engaged and entertained. This beautiful looking responsive theme is highly customizable and offers developers with full color control, layout control and a full screen slider. You can access all the fonts in Google easily.
  • Virtue: Virtue is one of the most popular WordPress responsive themes that are currently available. It is the most downloaded WordPress responsive theme. The highly customizable theme has some exciting features to keep the visitors engaged. Virtue WordPress theme is built using CSS and HTML5 framework and uses the bootstrap responsive framework. It is easy to customize the home page layout and fonts in the Virtue WordPress theme.
  • Sparkling: Sparkling is best suited if you are planning to create a website for small business organizations or for healthcare companies. The highly responsive WordPress theme contains some premium features and functionality that you cannot see in any other WordPress theme. It contains latest features like SEO support, multi-language support, HTML5, and CSS3.
  • Point: The popularity of fluid responsive themes is increasing among designers and that is where the Point WordPress theme scores. This multi-purpose and multiple layouts WordPress theme offers great colors and background schemes to make perfect looking business websites. ¬†Features like custom widgets, ad management, two side layouts and multi-browser support makes it the perfect choice for business websites.
  • Spacious: Big companies like to use spacious themes to accommodate their details. Spacious WordPress theme, as the name indicates, is a spacious responsive WordPress theme suitable for large business websites. It offers various features like multiple page layouts, 4 page layouts, wide layouts, slider, 13 widgets and 5 customized widgets for creating a beautiful looking, professional website for business.

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