A website is useful for any industry. It brings attention to brands, improves search engine rankings, and boosts business. Musicians especially benefit from a website for personal branding purposes as well as a resource for their fans.

It raises your visibility, which is priceless in the music arena. It also creates a place where fans can easily connect with the artists that interest them in a safe and non-intrusive way.

Whether you’re primarily a musician or you want to write a blog, a WordPress theme with blogging capabilities could enhance your online presence. You might blog about famous musicians, discuss tips for making it as a musician, monitor the top downloads of the month, and furnish other information that’s relevant to your niche.

Any and all of this will contribute to search engine optimization. But it starts with a great theme on an easy-to-use platform.

WordPress remains highly recommended for amateur web designers because it’s simple to install and comes with hundreds of resources. Musicians, singers, and instructors have all benefited from highly rated WordPress themes. Check them out:

  1. FWRD

There’s something balanced, harmonious, and breathtaking about FWRD’s design. This responsive WordPress theme makes it easy to display music videos directly on the site with unique parallax backgrounds and scrolling features.

There’s also room for music albums and audio player features for easy uploading. You can make use of plenty of plugins that will enable you to showcase live performances through the Events and Gigs Manager plugins.

WooCommerce is also easily installed to include a personal online shop to sell equipment, music downloads, and merchandise.

  1. Vice

Vice has a series of video tutorials that simplify the design and launch of your website. There are customizable backgrounds and video capabilities for branding and promotion.

As with any other site, you can upload music, but the stunning angle of Vice’s platform is the striking visual beauty that may complement the ambience of your music.

  1. Remix

Remix offers both a full-screen and windowed mode so visitors can play your music in the background while they tackle other tasks if they wish. The theme’s primary design is based on dark colors, which injects mystique into the final product.

The design is responsive and compatible with Shoutcast of Soundcloud, so it’s easy to embed audio files. There’s also the no-cost option of Slider and Visual Composer for an additional touch of visual class.

  1. Nilltone

If you’re not a fan of the popular dark-hued themes these days, but you still want a striking website, Nilltone is an excellent option. The system is simple and effective, with an unrestricted color palette for ultimate customization. It’s also compatible with WooCommerce, if you want to upload music and merchandise.

  1. SONIK

SONIK is a theme for the bold musician, because it features contrasting dark and bright colors to catch the eye and set a mood. You have hundreds of options for fonts and plenty of color hues, which offers total customization if you seek an artistic website.

The plugin options are plentiful as well, including Visual Composer, which makes it easy to create galleries, radio channels, music charts, and more.

  1. Obsidian

The thing that makes Obsidian’s design stand out from its competitors the most is its utter focus on the fans. They can easily surf through your striking home page, biography, photos, music recordings, music videos and interviews, news or blog posts, and contact information.

It also has customizable tabs if you want to change or add headings. As mentioned previously, a blog is pretty much essential for online visibility now, and Obsidian’s structure makes that easy. There are also plugins for audio players and WooCommerce, for merchandising and purchases.

  1. Croma

While you spend all your much time on the fashioning the complexities of your music, you don’t have the energy to pour into building a complex website. With Croma, you can develop a purely minimalist design that’s ideal for showcasing your talent and products.

The simple style doesn’t mean it’s short on features or plugins, and you can install audio players, customized widgets, and a blog into the Croma platform for an all-around successful website.

  1. Speaker

Another simple WordPress template is Speaker, which features a one-page structure with parallax effects, though a multi-page option is also available. As users scroll, they can easily access every element in the page, whether videos, song recordings, or your personal information.

  1. IronBand

If bold and unique are your preference, IronBand is probably ideal for you. It’s a news- or magazine-style theme that has bright colors, bold typography, and pop-out design. It integrates with all the right plugins, including social media, videos, and blogs.

  1. Musik

Musik is a platform geared more toward showcasing multiple talents; for example, if you happen to be a DJ, nightclub owner, or music agent. You can readily promote multiple bands and individual musicians at the same time, with easy downloading capabilities and a focus on selling music to customers.

It also has separate pages so you can promote events, galleries, and videos. Each page is easily customizable, which empowers you to stand out from your competition.

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