WordPress, is no doubt, powerful. It already comes stuffed with lots of functionality to make its use equally enjoyable for every reader, blogger and website owner. Its functionality, however, is not limited to the built-in features, and that’s the best part of it.The extensive directory of themes and plugins enables you to further enhance your website to get the most out of it.

No matter what kind of a website you run, you can easily power it up, with the right set of tools. For business websites, choosing the right tools can be a little bit challenging, as every wrong decision may have an irreversible impact on your business. That’s why when it comes to updating your business website, you’d better give it a careful thought.

Tools differ in quality, functionality and targeting purpose, so I offer a short checklist for you to figure out whether it’s worth getting or not.

Let’s , first of all, see when a tool is supposed to power up a website.

  1. It solves a problem
  2. It adds value to your website
  3. It extends the functionality of your website
  4. It makes things easy for you and your visitors
  5. It’s scalable enough to best meet your needs

As finding high quality tools for your website is truly time consuming, I offer you below a list of WordPress tools that meet all the above mentioned criteria and are sure to add value to your website and grow your business.

To get the most out of your website you should choose a suitable template for it, that has  all the necessary functionality to best serve your audience.For business websites the choice for a template is a little bit more challenging, as a low quality theme will do more harm to your business than good.

WordPress Business Theme

WordPress Business World theme is a great option to go with.It is an advanced theme which primary purpose is to professionally showcase your business and create a trustworthy identity for it. A special accent was made on the interactive features of the theme, to provide better user experience on your website.It comes with a full width slider, image rolls, front page builder, layout editor, powerful lightbox and parallax sections to best showcase your content. You have various page types to display testimonials, your services and portfolio, business contacts and blog. The theme also features a contact form on the front page which frees you from the hassle of getting an additional plugin for it.


Business World features a clean flat design and is highly customizable. It’s responsive, SEO-friendly, and retina ready. You can check Business World Pro features and the theme demo for more details.

WordPress Slider Plugin

Sliders are widely used on almost every kind of websites. The thing behind their popularity is that they take up less space but are able to display lots of information. For a business website it’s a great tool to show up its services, offers and accomplishments in a beautiful and eye-catchy way.

WordPress Slider WD is a fast loading and advanced WordPress plugin, which will help you to add responsive sliders to the post, pages, header section or any other location on your website.It supports image and video display, so that you can present your business services in various formats. To give the slides more functionality you can add 6 types of layers to them: image, text, media, hotspot and social sharing buttons. Also, the plugin comes with 27 transition and 38 layer effects,parallax, carousel and filmstrip features,which give the slides standout attractiveness.


Slider WD works out of the box on mobile devices with its advanced touch swipe functionality, and provides great user experience for  mobile surfers. It’s SEO-friendly and helps your website better rank in search results.  You can check Slider WD Pro features  and the slider demo for more details.

WordPress Facebook Feed Plugin

Connecting with your customers on different social media platforms is absolutely a required thing if you want your business to grow. As the most widely used social platform, missing out on Facebook would mean a total failure. Therefore, connecting with it by different means acts in your best interests. Bringing your Facebook page or profile to your website is one way to stay connected with Facebook and a great option to strengthen your social presence.

Facebook Feed WD is the easiest way to bring Facebook profile, page and public group feeds to your website. Add as many feeds as you like to your website posts and pages and give them custom styling. Also choose what content type do you want to display, whether it is photo album,images, videos or events. If you want to showcase the whole timeline of the feed, that’s not a problem. What’s great about the plugin, is that it gives you full freedom to choose the content length, user roles, feed update interval, number of the posts displayed, lightbox specifications,view options etc. You have Masonry, Thumbnail, Albums and Blog style view options to display the content with, and 4 customizable themes to fully adjust view and pagination settings.


You can check Facebook Feed WD Pro features  and the Facebook plugin demo for more details.

WordPress SEO Plugin

Nowadays,search engine optimization is rather a requirement. It’s important for your website visibility, rankings, traffic flow and its overall success likewise.

Yoast SEO plugin is going to  take your website optimization to the next level and boost its visibility drastically. Not only it takes care of the technical optimization of your website but also helps you write a better content with proper usage of the keywords, better headings, titles, metadescriptions,etc. It reminds you to insert alt tags to the images in your posts and pages and  has the most advanced XML sitemap functionality. The coolest feature about it, is that you can live preview all the changes you’ve made to the content and see how your posts will look like in search results. Long story short, Yoast SEO is second to none  when it comes to your website optimization.


Website loading speed is crucial for your visitors and determines your site’s performance. It plays a great rolle on the time visitors spent on your website and also affects your search engine rankings.

WP Super Cache

What WP Super Cache plugin is best at is making your website load faster. It does so by delivering static pages with mode_rewrite to your website visitors , so that their browsers doesn’t have to load your website files every time they visit it.


They just receive cached HTML files. It also comes with some extra features, such as control over the plugins loading order and a scheduler that clears the cached pages at the time you specify in the plugin settings.

Finding valuable plugins for your business website may really be challenging. As it’s not recommended to go overboard with them, it’s important to choose the ones that would really power your website up and and help you better serve your customers. These high quality WordPress plugins come packed with plenty of useful features that will enhance the functionality of your website and add value to it. Check them out.