Managing your freelance client base can be an absolute chore. Yet, it’s one of the most vital tools for any freelancer to keep track of who you work with and what you offer to them. WordPress is one of the most impressive companies to work with, whether you opt for a free site or not, and they really work to help you streamline your websites.

What’s Your Rate?

Knowing what to charge and how to charge is one of the more difficult aspects of freelance work. You certainly don’t want to undercharge and cause yourself to have to work 60+ hours a week just to make ends meet. At the same time you don’t want to charge too much and lose out on much needed clients. And your clientele are going to want the best for the money and still not break their own budgets. It’s a true conundrum when quantity is fighting quality. So what do you do? Firstly, network with other freelancers in your area to find out what they are charging and how long they have been in the business. Experience is key in determining your worth. The longer you have been doing it, the better you get, the higher you can charge. If freelancers aren’t so quick to share their info and knowledge with you, you can check sites like to see what the pay is in your area.

What’s Your Traffic Like?

One of the greatest things about WordPress is that it is so easy to find plugins to track the activity on your website. Obviously you need to be sharing your website as often as possible. Many plugins will tell you where they are coming from and you can see what is working for you. Being the professional that you are, I do recommend that you look to network on a professional platform more often than a social platform. LinkedIn is currently the most sought after professional networking site for so many different freelancers and companies. It’s the perfect place to share your services and rates while making fantastic connections with other people who are working in your same field. The most successful freelancers understand the importance of networking and if you aren’t on board with it yet, now is the time!

Are You Utilizing All That WordPress Has to Offer?

You’ve got your clientele base, you have your traffic, and now you need to manage all of that. Many people get overwhelmed by it all but remember, you have WordPress on your side. There are plugins that can help you add clients, allow your clients to register themselves, and even import those existing clients into a database to keep things clean and simple. There are many options available to help with instant messaging, managing payment options, and even organizing your clientele based on the work you do for them. There are also countless plugins that help track your billable time, manage your tasks, assign tasks to your team (if you have a team).

Webinars are the latest trend in driving traffic. Most people don’t actually read your information thoroughly but will pay closer attention to a video. Webinars are great for introducing yourself, answer the most common of FAQ’s you are asked, and sharing big news (changes to your rates, a tight schedule, etc) in your business. Webinars are also quite easy to record and upload.

Additionally, you should be managing a blog to keep your current and future clientele up to date with everything you are doing in your corner of the world. If you consistently update your blog on a daily basis, you show that you are an active contributor to your field and make yourself more attractive. Daily sounds complicated but you can easily write those blog posts on the fly and set up an editorial calendar to publish those posts on their own each day. You may be thinking, “What do you write about every day?”. That’s actually quite easy. Consider sharing any free space available for work that you’d like to fill. Sometimes showing how busy you are and what free time you have available will attract people who have some work that needs to be done quickly. Another post can simply be about turnaround times for the work you do.

WordPress is a powerful platform, and using it to manage your clients can save you time, which can improve your profit margins and allow you focus your attention on customer service.