Free WordPress plugins can make a huge difference for the development of your website. Whether it’s a plugin for better SEO or one that makes it possible to share blog posts easier, there are some great free choices out there.

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Here are some of the top free WordPress plugins for 2014.

Disable Google Fonts

This plugin is a good choice if you want to let the Google Fonts go. Sometimes, this makes it easier to do the things you want with a theme, such as Twenty Fourteen. You may not want to give the Google servers access to your site, either. If this is the case, the Disable Google Fonts plugin will do the trick. It will give you more control over your WordPress website.

WP Tab Widget

The WP Tab Widget plugin provides an easy way to load tabs with the selection between popular, comments, recent and tags tabs. This makes it easy to display the right amount of tabs and it has much cleaner code than other choices out there.

You can use this plugin to add tabs to your site anywhere and improve the actual speed of the site. This makes the information on your site more user-friendly, which is always good for SEO.

Ultimate Under Construction

Maybe it’s time to get your site going, but you know it won’t be ready to go live for a few days or weeks. You can use this plugin to establish your presence online before you actually launch your site. You will be able to use a holding page, which allows you to display contact information and other information customized for your needs.

Quick Featured Images

The Quick Featured Images plugin allows you to manage your featured images much faster than without it. You will be able to manage your featured images in bulk, which will help to save you time. You can replace, remove and set featured images from the plugin.

WP Clean Up

If you want to get rid of information you don’t need in your database and streamline it, this is the plugin for you. It will help to get rid of revisions, auto-drafts, moderated comments, spam comments, orphan post meta and more. If you’re looking for a way to speed up your site and clean it up, this is the plugin for you.

WP Twitter Feeds

This powerful plugin makes it easy to display and integrate your tweets in the widget area without having to log into Twitter. You can use the plugin to make it easy for visitors to see the Twitter feed from your account. You won’t ever have to update this if you change your password or Twitter account information either.

All of these plugins for WordPress provide a great choice for your website. Whether you need to speed up your site or save yourself time, you can use these top plugins for 2014 to ensure you get the most out of your WordPress website and blog.