Back in the early days of the Internet, businesses were finding that having a website was essential to reaching new customers. If you weren’t online, you didn’t exist. The Web has evolved and now if your website can’t be viewed easily on mobile devices, you’re losing business. According to Smart Insights, website visits from mobile devices (tablets and smartphones) are up 146 percent at the end of 2013 from the previous year, and now mobile visits account for 26.79 percent of all website visits.

With that in mind, here are reasons why you need mobile WordPress plugins for your business’s website.

So Visitors to Your Site Can Easily View Your Site


Image via Flickr by Janitors

Unless your website was created with a professional responsive design that automatically resizes to the screen it’s viewed on, it will be difficult to be viewed on mobile devices, most likely causing users to have to zoom in to try and read articles or information.

Luckily, there are many plugins that can provide your site with a mobile format. Some are even free, like MobilePress, which comes with one basic theme. There is also WiziApp, which offers you a different theme for tablet users than for smartphone users, allowing an optimized experience. By converting your website to be viewed easily on mobile devices, your mobile visibility is likely to increase.

So Visitors See the Correct Version of the Site

Not all mobile devices are created equal. Some visitors to your site may be viewing it on an older smart device or a dumb phone that doesn’t have the visual capabilities or data processing of a smartphone. Just compare the Android HTC AT1XX phones circa 2008 that had 192 MB RAM and a 320×480 screen resolution with the new Android HTC One phones, that have full HD 1080p screens and 2 GB RAM. Phones have come a long way in just the last six years.

By using a plugin like the WP Mobile Detector, your website will detect what type of devices visitors are viewing the site on and automatically adjust accordingly. Images are resized based on the display, and you’ll get customized statistics that breakdown who is visiting your site and on what type of device.

So Your Site Looks Beautiful for Mobile Users

By using a WordPress plugin such as WP Smart Mobile Theme Plugin, you can choose a theme that is attractive to mobile device users. Each plugin has its own set of themes, so find one that has a theme you like and add it to the site. Some plugins, such as WP Smart Mobile Theme, allow for professional theme edits such as changing your logo, choosing what shows as your home page, and enabling search on the site.

If you’re looking for more options and control over your mobile theme, Wapple Architect comes with several themes to choose from as well as a custom theme that allows you to modify the style sheet, giving you full control over your mobile design. Both WP Smart Mobile Theme and Wapple Architect are free to use.

So Your Site Loads Faster

One of the most popular plugins for mobile WordPress sites is WPtouch, which has many capabilities appealing to users. Using the theme of Bauhaus, you can change the colors, typefaces, and icons and customize with your company’s logo and social media icons.

These features are wonderful, but one of the most enticing features is the fact that it can help load your mobile site three times faster than if you used a desktop version or a responsive theme for your site. Having your site load faster, especially for areas with slower 3G and 2G connections, can make a big difference to whether those visitors make a return visit.

As the use of mobile devices grows around the world, having a site that is geared towards mobile users will prevent your site from becoming obsolete. An elegant mobile design can make all the difference.