If you are new to the field of web designing you are suggested to install WordPress platform which is the simplest and easiest way for designing and developing the web site yourself. Though it is quite simple to get to know about using the WordPress yet if you so desire there are tutorials such as wordpress classes chicago where training is imparted by the experts of WordPress.

WordPress is basically a kind of blogging platform where you get pre-built web site without any cost for it upon which you can design on your own choice concentrating primarily on the content, promotional requirements of your products and services and sales as well as profits. The content management system of the WordPress provides a powerful flexibility which is unparallel and cannot be found in any other platforms.


 The benefits

It is quick as well as simple for installation. If you happen to own or work for a web hosting company and use cPaneIX for the web master control panel, which is the most popular panel for the web hosting companies, then find the option “Fantastico De Lux” and click on it. This will take you to a page where there are provisions to apply multiple applications to your website for free.

You are to simply follow the instructions which are provided and it is quite user friendly. You then click on the link WordPress and the WordPress gets installed in your computer. You will be asked to submit a few very basic types of information which you submit. After these preliminaries you are open to install the latest version of the WordPress in your computer.

  1. The WordPress installed will have some web themes by default which are quite good. Many people simply make use of these generic website themes while designing the web site for them. These can be easily uploaded in your domain. Most of these web themes are free while there are some themes which can be availed as paid versions. You can have your choice from among more than one thousand web themes which are loaded automatically in the web site of the WordPress.
  2. The WordPress plug-ins will do all the functionalities which you want in your web site. About 8000 plug-ins are there in the web site of the WordPress. Thousand more are there which are not in the database. As you find a suitable plug-in simply download it, unzip and then go for uploading in the appropriate directory for the plug-ins on the blog. Go to the area for admin and activate the software.
  3. WordPress is an open source as it is built on PHP which code is visible to all whoever wants to have a look on it. Many functions along with a comprehensive documentation are provided in order to assist the programmer to work within the ambit of the WordPress codes. WordPress allows any person with some amount of knowledge in PHP to design the web site with minimal effort.