Around 25% of all websites is ran with the use of WordPress. This means that we are faced with around 80 million websites that use the CMS system. All experts agree we are faced with the most popular of all of the systems of its kind. It is not at all difficult to understand why when we look at all the advantages associated with using WordPress for your site. We will just mention those that are the most important for absolutely all the site owners.

Easy To Install

You do not need to know much about how to launch a blog when you use WordPress because the installation process is really simple. This means that you can have a fully operating website online in just 5 minutes after you buy your hosting and your domain name. Such an advantage is huge. Even if we take a look at absolutely all the customization that you can do, we are still faced with under one day for absolutely everything.

The Platform Is Easy To Use

WordPress has a huge advantage in the fact that it is built in order to be extremely easy to use. It is so easy to write articles and post them while all customization options available can be learned in just some minutes. You do not need to have advanced technical knowledge in order to make modifications. Most site owners do not know anything about HTML or PHP and still end up with blogs or sites that look stunning. Such an advantage means that anyone can have a site on the internet when WordPress is used.

Endless Customization Options

When you launch a site or a blog you are mainly interested in ending up with something that reflects your personality. This is even true for businesses since they have various branding needs that should be respected. You can use WordPress in order to end up with a website that has the exact design you are interested in. For instance, if you want it to be black and white with specific fonts and site structure, you can get it done.

We have to add that a huge part of the customization is offered by the themes and plugins that are now available. You can easily look at a theme that is suitable and then make all the extra modifications through the use of plugins.

WordPress Is Open Source

The last huge advantage we should talk about is the fact that WordPress is open source. This means the coding is available for everyone. It leads to thousands of developers and programmers working hard to make the platform even better. New themes and plugins are launched every single week and we see so many that actually work on the system.


WordPress is the best possible option available for you if you want to launch a website. There is practically no way to say the opposite. It is the CMS system that allows you to run any type of blog/site so this cannot be neglected.